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Eitan’s Educate the Educators School

List of EEE Graduates

This School is like most things in Cowboy Dressage, the first of it’s kind. The intention is to further educate Cowboy Dressage clinicians, and increase consistency and insure clarity as instructors.

This is not a horse training school. It is about how as instructors you can better help, assist and evaluate your own students.

The educators will share their skills and insights while instructing riders. As a group ideas will be shared, discussed, and demonstrated with comments and feedback from participants. The "why" of horsemanship will be a top topic.

Each day a recap of what was shared and learned will be discussed.

We Congratulate the Participation and Completion of
“Eitan’s Educate the Educators
School of Cowboy Dressage”

Name of Participant State or Country Number of Schools Attended
Beth Shirley TX
Dana VanSistine CA
Andie Hughes TX
Marilyn Moore TX
Kenda Firkins TX, AR
Tessa Nicolet AZ
Judy Mackenzie AZ
Lynn McEnespy CA
Leo Van Sistine CA
Amy Kristine Prechter MT
Susan Dockter CA
Sara Uhalde CA
Ralph Moses IL
Michele Ulrech CA


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