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Light Hands Horsemanship VII
An Adventure in Lightness
May 30- June 2, 2013
Santa Ynez, CA

The seventh annual Light Hands Horsemanship Clinic and Symposium will be held May 30-June 2, 2013 at Intrepid Farms in California’s beautiful and historic Santa Ynez Valley near the coastal town of Santa Barbara.

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Lighthandshorsemanship video online.

Conceived of by Intrepid Farm's owner Arthur Perry after he saw Eitan Beth-Halachmy, Lester Buckley, Jon Ensign and Dr. Robert Miller perform and present at an international horsemanship expo in Brazil in 2006, the event has brought widespread acclaim and attracts an audience from across the US and the World. Presenters at the 2013 gathering on May 30- June 2, 2013 are the four original clinicians, Dr. Robert Miller, loved and respected worldwide for his equine behavior lectures, books, videos and devotion to natural horsemanship.

Dr. Miller was the 2012 Western Horseman of the Year, respected and highly regarded horseman Jon Ensign of Montana, Eitan Beth-Halachmy, the founder of Cowboy Dressage and a great entertainer and horsemen, Lester Buckley, a remarkable Texas Western Horse trainer who is also a licensed dressage and open jumping instructor in Germany. In addition the 2013 event will also feature the great senior reinsman Jack Brainard. Jack is one of the original organizers of the NRHA and the Western Horseman of the year in 2011 and was inducted into the NRHA Hall of Fame in 2011. 2011 was a big year for Jack. He is one of Texas’s greatest horsemen and at 91 still mounts up and rides each day. 2009 Road to the Horse Champion Richard Winters and his daughter Sarah Winters will be starting a young colt over the four days and famed Arabian Horse trainer, breeder and Cowgirl Hall of Fame inductee Sheila Varian will be sharing her wit, wisdom and horsemanship with our guests. Rick Lamb of the Horse Show on RFDTV will be giving two educational talks as well as being our official emcee.

Did we mention two fabulous private Museum Tours and Welcome Party on Thursday the 30th along with opening lectures… it all happens at Light Hands.

This is a rare opportunity to learn from several of the world’s best horsemen, in an unusual casual environment on a very beautiful private estate.

In addition to the education attendees, which is limited to 200 people, you will enjoy great food, informal gatherings with the clinicians, select vendors, entertainment, private western museum tours and much more. Grammy nominee Mary Ann Kennedy will be on hand to entertain us with song and music. Jon Hall of Succeed will give a talk on Ulcers in horses. Oh, and if that is not enough there is a Tall Tales and Sing-a-Long, a welcome  party and food, food and more food.

Once again a small select trade show will be set up on the farm offering high quality merchandise for the horse owner. We have some new exciting vendors this year so be ready to shop for those hard to find quality horse items.

What a great and rare opportunity to enjoy such an entertaining and congenial experience and simultaneously learn from these masters of horsemanship:

Spalding –Labs and Fly Predators is our event sponsor. Tom Spalding works tirelessly and believes in this event as much as we all do. His dedication and willingness to get the job done right and with class makes for a spectacular event.

Santa Ynez is known for its wonderful weather, especially this time of year. For those that have not been there before they should plan an extra day or two to visit horse and cattle ranches, vineyards, beautiful Santa Barbara and nearby beaches. Hearst Castle in only a few hours north along the coast and Solvang, a quaint Scandinavian community is full of shops, restaurants and B&B’s located nearby. Besides many fine hotels in the area, Cachuma Lake Resort near Intrepid Farms, offers RV and Trailer hook ups and rental cabins on the lake. There is also a RV park nearby.

The last two years have been a sell out so register early.

News From Debbie and Eitan April 2013

Cowboy Dressage
The Competition
Born in the USA

La Garrocha

Eitan has a new fire inside him. It is the La Garrocha. He and Santa Fe and Cheyenne are both learning to do this beautiful and artistic style of horsemanship. Watch for their debut at Light Hands Horsemanship.

Eitan was so inspired when fellow countryman Shlomik Raziel came to visit from Israel. He is well schooled in the art of La Garrocha and was eager to share his knowledge and expertise with Eitan. Shlomik was very impressed with the ability of Santa Fe, Cheyenne and Indy…looks like they all have a new career.

See Santa Fe and “Shlomik doing La Garrocha

The Cowboy Dressage Challenge Tests

Eitan and his partners Lyn Ringrose Moe, Susan Tomasini and Garn Walker have been busy working on the New Cowboy Dressage Challenge Tests. They are finally all done and up on the website at These tests build partnership, self-carriage, engagement, control and helps riders learn 10 and 20 meter circles and 10 and 20 meter bends. The back, lots of transitions (up and down), turns on the forehand and haunches and the mastering of the straight line are part of the tests as well. Well placed ground poles and cones are used as markers.  It is fun, elevated horsemanship and a true test of ability, lightness and partnership.

There are 5 Challenge Tests. Walk/Jog 1,2,3 and 4 and a Walk/Jog/Lope #1
Click here to see video of Jeff Sanders riding Cowboy Dressage Challenge Test Walk/Jog/Lope #1.

Watch for the new Cowboy Dressage Vaquero Style in the near future to be added to our list of classes and tests. Cowboy Dressage is working on these tests with partners Katrina and Jeff Sanders of Modern Vaquero Horsemanship.








A big THANK YOU to Sarah Dickinson who takes care of all the details, flyers, websites and just about everything you cannot do from the back of a horse. Without Sarah’s help Cowboy Dressage would still be just a dream.

New Custom Cowboy Dressage Saddles

Eitan’s new Cowboy Dressage Saddles are now available. There are two models to choose from. The Compadre and the Santa Fe. Both saddles are of the highest quality with some custom features. For any information or ordering contact Bonnie Glasgow at 214-707-1873 or
You can also visit 

Watch for a new Show Cowboy Dressage Saddle by Dale Chavez in June 2013. This saddle was designed by Eitan and Garn Walker and is a beauty. Perfect for both the Show Ring and Cowboy Dressage all in one saddle.

All three saddles will be on display and orders can be taken at Light Hands Horsemanship.

Cowboy Dressage Show and Clinic schedule for 2013

Cowboy Dressage School of Horsemanship

There is a lot happening on the West Coast with Cowboy Dressage. Take note of the shows and clinics in Woodside, Gold N Grand, Mother Lode, and the Cowboy Dressage Finals Show all in No.California. There will be a Cowboy Dressage Show at the Far West Show in Redmond, OR in June this year too. It continues to expand east and there are clinics in OK, TX and KS coming up this year. Canada and Israel too! Watch for more pending clinics further east in 2014.

Mark your calendars for July 5-7 for the West Coast Cowboy Dressage Clinic in CA. The clinic we did in OR in Feb was such a huge success that we are doing it again here in CA at Center Stage Equestrian Center in Auburn. This will be a packed 3 days. The first day is class room and the nuts and bolts of Cowboy Dressage. From the court, the gaits, the tricks of the trade and judging… It will all be covered on Friday.  On Sat there will be demo riders who will ride all the tests and allow all 4 clinicians to comment on their rides. Pointing out what works and what can make for a better ride. On Sunday riders will have a 20 min slot and can ride whatever test they wish to ride. They will then get comments from all 4 clinicians and will be able to re ride their tests for final comments. Dianne Olds Rossi will also be doing her part and teaching about the Freestyle in the evenings. Contact Sarah Dickinson at and for more information.

Cowboy Dressage comes to Israel
Contact Lee Tilan for information
Contact # 972-584730300

Clinic no.1 -  Friday, April 12th 2013 - will be hosted at BR-Ranch, Beit -Yehoshua.
Ranch Manager:  Yuval Bronstien
Contact number:  (+972) - (0) - 547673210

Clinic no. 2 - Sunday, April 14th 2013 - will be hosted at Kibbutz Ein- HaHoresh.
Ranch Manager:  David Thierry Ditesheim
Contact number:  (+972) - (0) - 546704466
Web page:

Cowboy Dressage School of HorsemanshipCowboy Dressage Clinic
Featuring Eitan Beth-Halachmy
April  26-28, 2013
Stormwalker Ranch, Bartlesville, OK
Contact: Dr. Karl Cloninger
877.545.7770 512.484.0492


Open Cowboy Dressage Classes and Mini Clinic
May 10th and 11th, 2013
Woodside Horse Show
Woodside Horse Park, Woodside, CA
Starting at 3pm both days
Mini Cowboy Dressage Clinic
Contact: Peter Fenton





Light Hands Horsemanship

Light Hands Horsemanship
May 30 June 2, 2013
Intrepid Farms, Santa Ynez, CA
Featuring:  Eitan Beth-Halachmy, Dr. Robert Miller, Lester Buckley, Jon Ensign, Jack Brainard, Richard Winters, Rick Lamb and Sheila Varian.
Contact: Debbie Beth-Halachmy

Cowboy Dressage OPEN Show and Mini Clinic June 17 and 18. To be held in conjunction with the Far West Regional Morgan Horse Show Deschutes County Fairground, Redmond, OR
Contact: Marli Perry at:



Cowboy Dressage School of HorsemanshipCowboy Dressage Clinic
Dates June 29 and 30, 2013
Contact: Bettike Paul 925-550-3455
Address of barn:
2601 Eden Plains Rd. | Brentwood, Ca.
Mailing address:
P.O.Box 487 | Knightsen, Ca.


Cowboy Dressage Show
Dates: July 20 - 12, 2013
Center Stage Stables
13355 Bell Brook Dr.
Auburn Ca. 95602
Phone 530.787.4718

Cowboy Dressage WorldCowboy Dressage Clinic
Learning to ride the tests and what the judges look for.
August 2, 2013
Preceding Gold N Grand Horse Show Featuring Cowboy Dressage Classes August 3-5, 2013
Rancho Murieta Equestrian Center, Rancho Murieta,CA
Featuring: Eitan Beth-Halachmy, Lyn Ringrose Moe, Susan Tomasini and Garn Walker
Contact: or 530-346-2715

Cowboy Dressage School of HorsemanshipCowboy Dressage Clinic
August 9-12, 2013
Moose Jaw Exhibition Grounds, Saskatchewan, Canada
Hosted By: Saskatchewan Cowboy Dressage 
Facebook: Saskatchewan CowboyDressage
Contact: Lindsay McGregor 306-313-1045
                Brian Bohn 306-631-7877

Cowboy Dressage School of HorsemanshipCowboy Dressage Clinic
August 17/18, 2013

Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, CA
Location to be announced.
Contact: Michelle Goodwin,
310 544-8811


Cowboy Dressage WorldCowboy Dressage Clinic
Aug 28, 2013 in conjunction with the Mother Lode Horse Show
Aug 29- Sept 1

Sponsored by: Cowboy Dressage World
Contact: or 530-346-2715



Cowboy Dressage Show
Dates: Sept 21 and 22, 2013
Center Stage Stables
13355 Bell Brook Dr.
Auburn Ca. 95602
Phone 530.787.4718

Cowboy Dressage Clinic
Dos Amigos Clinic Featuring Eitan Beth-Halachmy and Jack Brainard
Pilot Point Area, TX
Oct 16-20 Location to be announced.
Contact: Bonnie Glasgow. 214-707-1873





Cowboy Dressage WorldCowboy Dressage Clinic at Cowboy Dressage Finals Show
Nov 16-17, 2013
Hosted by Cowboy Dressage World
Ranch Murieta Equestrian Center, Rancho Murieta, CA
Details on clinic and show to follow. Stay tuned




Cowboy Dressage Judges Academy

If you have an interest in becoming a Cowboy Dressage Judge or just want to really learn all there is to know about it please contact Sarah Dickinson at : (splash page),  (behind the scenes), and There will be a 4 weekend course offered Aug – Nov, 2013 to those who wish to participate as Judge’s applicants as well as auditors. All classes will be in the Auburn and Sacramento area in CA.

Debbie’s New Boots

I just had to share these with you. Thad Huseby did a fantastic job on these for me. I am afraid that his boots are my weakness. If you would like a pair of your own you can contact Thad at:  He will be at Light Hands Horsemanship too!!!





Our newest addition. Comanche Gold. American Saddlebred 2 yr. old Stallion. Half paternal brother to Cheyenne Gold. What a pair Cheyenne and Comanche will make.

MEMC Neon Goes to Alberta, Canada

My beautiful and kind MEMC Neon will be making her new home in Ponoka, Alberta, Canada. Congratulations to Marsha and Robert Turney on the purchase of this once in a lifetime mare. I am so happy for them and although this sale was bitter sweet it pleases me greatly that Neon is going to such a good home.






West Coast Cowboy Dressage Clinic in Central Point, OR
West Coast Cowboy Dressage Clinic in Auburn, CA in July!!

Host Julie Malick said it best… “build it and they will come.” Boy did they ever. What a grand 3 days we had. Big crowds, lots learned and shared. It was a PERFECT clinic. So perfect we are doing it again in Auburn ,Calif July 5-7 at Center Stage Equestrian.

Thank you Julie and Crew for all your hard work and support. You were amazing and so much appreciated! … their website is under construction so check it soon and check back often.

Congratulations, Congratulations, Congratulations!

Our own Light Hands Horsemanship Clinician Jon Ensign was selected out of hundreds of applicants as a Wild Card Contender at Road to the Horse 2013. His “groupies” will be in KY in force. We are so proud of you Jon. We know how important this is to you…enjoy the journey over the next year. We are with you every step of the way.

One of our favorite cowgirls Sarah Winters was a solid and top contestant at this year’s Road to the Horse. She is following in her father Richard’s footsteps. Sarah is the real deal… poetry in motion. Her star is just rising. Watch for her continued growth in her horsemanship journey.


We are off to Israel to do clinics and visit family. Eitan is anxious to return to his homeland and share his horsemanship. Good friends Teri and Kurt Rumens will be joining us. We will be gone part of April. I am sure this will be one trip for the record books. Will share in my next newsletter.

Light Hands Horsemanship 2013

Light Hands Horsemanship

Don’t forget Light Hands Horsemanship May 30-June 2, 2013!!! The one horse event you have to make in 2013!!

Mission Belle Equine Supplements

We always like to share good products when we come across them. One of them is“Mission Belle” daily supplement. It is 100% Natural and Organic. It is a complete supplement and natural de-wormer. Our horses have been on it for a few months and they have a “spring shine” to their coat like the sun itself. Our palominos “sparkle” like a gold coin. The horses look great, a sure sign that Mission Belle is doing what it claims. We encourage you to give it a try. Contact: These products were developed by a horse person for horse people who want the best for their horses.

Happy Trails
from Deb and 8

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