#4 Pearls from the Manure Pile July 2010

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What is What in the World of Cowboy Dressage?
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Light Hands Horsemanship

Light Hands Horsemanship 2010
Personal Thoughts and Observations 

It seems like we just finished LHH 2009 and then “boom” it is time for LHH 2010.  There are many high points each year for us but I must admit that our annual Light Hands Horsemanship event that is held each May is always a high point for us. As soon as the current event is over we meet and start planning for the following year. We anticipate that LHH 2011 will sell out if 2010 was any indication of what lies ahead. This year we had guest from 14 states and 7 different countries, Canada, France, Poland, Hungary, Brazil, Argentina and Australia... I guess that makes us officially international!! Our article in June’s (out in April) Cowboy’s and Indians magazine gave us a big boost and added credibility.

Light Hands Horsemanship is a special project that continues to grow and improve with each year. 2010 was no exception and LHH #4 was exceptional beyond our expectations. We set a high standard for ourselves and we are our toughest critics. Each year the clinicians grow and share more knowledge. Between them they have formed a special bond and respect between each that is easily felt and recognized by our guests. This is not an occasion for singularity but unity and the unification and commitment from each horseman is strong and sound with a clear and sincere devotion to the horse and each other. From this strong bond comes  an atmosphere of “magic” that prevails through out the entire event. It is felt by the guests, vendors, staff, and horsemen. It is an experience hard to put into words, hard to describe but something that must be felt, experienced, and shared. For many the 3-½ day event is an emotional journey in horsemanship, may be a short course, but emotions run high and the personal journey is a rewarding one and easily felt and shared by the guests. You can see it in their smiles, concentration, and reactions to the presentations. One of the things you hear a lot of at LHH is laughter, lots and lots of laughter.... always a good sign.

I was especially proud of each clinician and presenter this year. From year to year they continue to grow and expand their knowledge. They become better communicators and teachers. They all have a great sense of humor and manage to entertain as well as educate.

As always our host Art Perry of Intrepid Farms was gracious and welcoming. He opens his beautiful estate to us each year and we arrive and trample his lawn, drive over his sprinklers, dig up his yard and knock down fences with truck bumpers. Art is a giving man who believes in what LHH is about. Like the clinicians his commitment is sincere and comes from the heart.

With out our sponsor Tom Spalding of Spalding-Labs and Fly Predators there would be no Light Hands Horsemanship. Tom took a chance and gave his support to us at our first LHH in 2007. He stuck by us through the pains that come with growth and expansion. He is simply amazing, he always tells me not to cut corners…LHH has to be first class. Dr. Miller asked Tom last year why he continues to support us as he does…. Tom’s reply was short and too the point... he said, “I believe in it.”

When you combine horseman and educators like, Dr. Robert Miller, Jack Brainard, Lester Buckley, Richard Winters, Jon Ensign, Rick Lamb, Monty Roberts, Eitan Beth-Halachmy, Ernie Morris, Sheila Varian and Petrine Mitchum you get “first class” and you get 110% every time, they do not hold back, they deliver and every bit of their energy comes from the heart.

Next year in 2011 LHH will be May 19-22. You can expect to see the same clinicians and speakers as 2010. They were so good, so “over the top” we just had to do the same line up again. There is a saying that “if it is not broke, don’t fix it.” Case in point, plan to be there in 2011. You won’t be disappointed; you will be inspired and moved by atmosphere and magic that happens at Light Hands Horsemanship. Registration for LHH 2011 will open this fall. Visit the blog for continuous updates.

Watch for a new DVD Series from LHH in the near future. Release date and details will be posted on the LHH blog and Website.

2010 Road to the Horse

What a great time we had!! Road to the Horse is another yearly highlight. This year Eitan had the honor of being one of the judges. He was thrilled to be in such good company with great horseman and horsewomen. It was an experience he will always treasure. RTTH 2011 will be a year not to miss. If you do not have tickets get them NOW as they will sell out soon. Why so fast? Because in 2011 there will be 3 top horsemen competing, Chris Cox, Clinton Anderson and Pat Parelli.  It is going to be memorable I can promise you that.

Redmond Salt Rocks 

When we find a product that is “great” we always like to share it with our friends.  Redmond Salt Rocks are a great product! It is an all-natural salt/mineral “rock” from the salt mines in Utah. A leader in human salt for cooking and seasoning Redmond is now in the equine horse salt business. I can tell you first hand that I tasted it and loved it myself. It is like a sweet salt, very yummy. I gave Santa Fe a small rock to try…he went crazy over it and ate the whole thing… he had a salt block in his stall but ignores it, not the Redmond Rock, it was like candy to him. I would have to say I agree. Contact Redmond Salt for samples. If your feed dealer doesn’t carry it encourage them to do so. You will be doing horses a favor. It tastes good and is very good

Think of a mineral hot spring, we know that they are good for the body….these are the same therapeutic salt and minerals that people have been soaking in for 100’s of years. These just come from the inside out, instead of from the outside in.

Dianne Rossi and Eitan do Cowboy Dressage

On June 5th renowned horsewoman Dianne Olds Rossi had her yearly show. I don’t mean “horse show” but a choreographed presentation of horses to music. Eitan and Dianne have appeared in many events at the same time but they have never performed together in one presentation. If you know Dianne you know that Dianne has every movement choreographed, every step planned and prepared, and rehearsed to music. Now on the other hand if you know Eitan, he never choreographs his rides, he rides whatever works at the moment. It is kind of like the Odd Couple. You have Felix (Dianne) and Oscar (Eitan). It was originally planned with Eitan and Santa Fe and Dianne and Chewy. My motto is always have a plan B, even a C. Santa Fe had colic surgery in March so he was out, Eitan then went to his “understudy” Indigo Gold who was really coming along. So Eitan had a new horse and Dianne had her wonderful Chewy…then Chewy was not well so Chewy was out, then Indigo Gold got an abscess two days before the event. So now neither Dianne nor Eitan had a horse but being the consummate performers that they are Eitan got a vet clearance to use Santa Fe and Dianne rode Mojo. The music was changed for the 3rd time and there was no rehearsal but those two delivered. It was a sight and the audience was thrilled as it was the real deal; horses, riders, partnership, and talent. It all came together with much credit to Dianne and Eitan who can rise to about any occasion.

Dianne and Mojo

Eitan and Santa Fe

Dianne in our opinion is one of the best talents in the business. If you want to ride under one of the greats while you can and she can... contact her at:

Santa Fe Renegade and Indigo Gold

2011 will see the return of Santa Fe Renegade at Stud so if you are thinking of breeding your mare take a look at Santa Fe. He and his get can be seen at He is recovering well from his surgery and will be at the World Equestrian Games this fall. Indigo Gold will be accompanying him as we have learned that a plan “B” needs to always be in place. Speaking of “Indy” he is becoming the horse we had hoped he would be… he is amazing and extremely talented. Watch for him to be out with Eitan more and more as time goes on.

Cheyenne Gold

This horse was such a long shot, a gamble to say the least. We have been known to do things others would not do. Call us crazy and believe me that many have, but with luck, intuition or what ever you want to call it we hit a homerun with this fabulous horse. What a talent and what charisma. Cheyenne is kind, willing and loves to be the center of attention. He fears nothing but is easily “bright” a “peacock.” If you know Eitan this is his kind of horse. Cheyenne is now a gelding as he was too “bright and too much of a Peacock.” Amazing what a little “brain surgery” can do. He is perfect now! Cheyenne is saddle broke and coming along. After the World Equestrian Games Eitan will be putting more time in on Cheyenne. He is years away from being what we envision but he holds so much promise that he has pumped new life into Eitan and I. At our age that is an incredible gift.




The Western Dressage Association of America



Much work and progress is being done on the new Western Dressage Association of America. Look for it’s official launch in September of 2010. For information on the new division and tests go to If you have any questions about holding some Cowboy Dressage Classes or riding the tests please contact us by email at

Cowboy Dressage Clinics

In 2011 you can look for Eitan to be returning to the east coast in the MD and PA area. If you are on the east coast and not in the MD or PA area and would like to book a clinic with Eitan please contact Debbie Beth-Halachmy. Since we will be on the east coast in the month of June it would be nice to book the dates close together. Keep in mind Eitan books 6 months to a year ahead.

Eitan will be in the Parker, CO for a Cowboy Dressage Clinic July 17/18. For information contact Ellen DiBella at or call her at 303-841-5210.

Eitan will also be retuning to Texas after the World Equestrian Games and will be joining forces with Jack Brainard for two different weeks of clinics in the Whitesboro/Gainesville area this fall.
For more information please go to:

Fire Run Farm Clinic

Our clinic at Fire Run Farm in Snohomish, WA was a huge success again this year. Teri and Kurt Rumens really know how to host an event. The “Blues Brothers” made an appearance as well as man of Fire Runs World Champion Morgans. Eitan was not able to bring Santa Fe with him so he rode Kurt Rumen’s wonderful World Champion Western Horse, Fire Run High Noon. “ Lance” was at the top of his game and he and Eitan did a good job together. This is a beautiful and talented horse and Eitan greatly enjoyed the opportunity to ride him. Look for Eitan to return to Fire Run Farm in the spring of 2011.

Red Rock Ranch Clinic

We just finished our clinic at Red Rock Ranch in MD. It was wonderful with a large attendance. Vicki and Jim Hacket were the perfect hosts and really know how to entertain their guests. From catered meals to Blue Grass music it was a memorable weekend. We look forward to returning in the summer of 2011.

Beaver Run Clinic

It is always a joy to be with Doc Wise and Pam Butterbaugh of Beaver Run Arena in PA. Pam produces and choreographs an evening of horse entertainment with music each year and it is always is a highlight in the community and for us. With Eitan’s clinic that same weekend and Pam’s show it makes for quite an event for the horse community each year.

Cowboy Dressage School of Horsemanship 2011

The 2011 dates for our winter/spring sessions for our Cowboy Dressage School of Horsemanship are:  Feb 16-20 / March 7-11, 21-25 / April 4-8, 25-29 / May 2-6, 9-13.  We only take 4 riders for ( you can bring your own horse or ride one of ours) each session and they do fill up quickly each year so plan ahead and book now. Go to  for more details and information.

World Equestrian Games 2010

Anticipation grows as the 2010 World Equestrian Games approaches this fall. Eitan will be taking both Santa Fe Renegade and Indigo Gold. Eitan will be doing clinics/presentations on Cowboy Dressage daily during the entire games. Deda and Chris Newbert from NH and Bonnie Glasgow from TX will be assisting Eitan and Debbie with this honor. Eitan is working hard on these presentations and will be providing lots of entertainment and education.

You can also look for Eitan and Santa Fe Renegade (the same partnership that traveled to Aachen, Germany for the 2006 WEG Games) in the Opening Ceremony at the WEG on Sept 25th.

Look for the Equine Village schedule to be posted on the WEG website in early August.

Buy all three Cowboy Dressage DVD's and save $10 off original price.
Buy all three Cowboy Dressage DVD's and save $10 off original price.
Buy all three Cowboy Dressage DVD's and save $10 off original price.

Summer Sale on DVDs and Cowboy Dressage Manual Available

Take advantage of our summer sale on our popular Cowboy Dressage DVDs. If you buy all three you will save $15. Featured DVDs are Dances with Cows, Building the Foundation and our newest release,  Poetry in Motion.

Eitan’s Cowboy Dressage Manual is once again available. This is a fabulous and very informative manual covers a lot of what Eitan teaches in his clinics.. It goes great with the DVD Poetry In Motion.

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 We wish you all good health and many Happy Trails in the following months.

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