August 2011 News Letter


I remember being young and waiting for my birthday, summer vacation or Christmas to arrive. It took forever. A 12 hour day seemed like a week. An hour was way too long to wait for anything. Even having to sit still for 5 minutes was torture. It seems the first half of your life time is like that. Slow. Time doesn’t seem to be in any big rush. Then you hit 50 and you start what I like to call, “the back half.” Your life starts going at warp speed. One moment you are looking forward to the year ahead and the next minute it is behind you and thought of in reflection instead of anticipation. With much to reflect upon and be thankful for these last 9 months since my previous newsletter I will try to catch you all up to speed. As always we wish each and every one of you the very best in life and may all your Trails be Happy Ones.


Catching up with Deb and 8

New Cowboy Dressage Website

Our all new Cowboy Dressage Website has been launched. It was quite a process creating a whole new look for us. Many thanks to Donna Muniz of Silver Moon Graphics in Bastrop, TX. While this new website was designed by Eitan, Donna added some finishing touches and had the daunting job of putting it all together. Donna has been our web designer and manager for the last 15 years and has helped us through many transitions in our career. Our website had gotten so big and was outdated so we decided to create something with a whole new look and smaller and easier to navigate. The training articles are now free and there are many new beautiful pictures.  Please take a look and let us know what you think.

If you are looking for someone to help you with your website please feel free to contact  and visit her website at:  I can assure you she has lots of patience.

Eitan’s New DVD

The Dance

“It’s About Time”

Eitan has moved from “thinking” about his next DVD to actually working on it. With each new video Eitan becomes more skilled and creative. This new one, The Dance, “It’s About Time” is a follow up to his last “Poetry In Motion” DVD. Eitan will discuss the “timing” of the cues in relation to footfalls and more on lateral work. It is all a matter of control, timing and feel. I have seen some of the animation and footage that has been edited so far… is a work like no other and like Eitan’s horse’s his films are stamped with his own unique style. His commitment to educate continues and is as strong as ever.

It is our plan to have The Dance, “It’s About Time” ready for the Holiday Market. Keep your fingers crossed.

New Teaching Format in the Works

It is his goal in the very near future to have a media presentation that Eitan can share with the public in a class room environment. This will be much more affordable for the public and clinic hosts. These presentations will be an option and not a substitute for what he is already doing. He will continue to do live horse and rider clinics and presentations. Soon he can offer his knowledge in a “lecture” format that will allow for a larger number of people to participate. Find out more at:

Light Hands Horsemanship 2011

This year Light Hands Horsemanship was its most rewarding. When you take an “idea” and you bring that idea from notes on a napkin to a living-breathing reality you are in for quite a ride. This was our 5th year for LHH. While each year has been very good this year was its best. It was a sell out and home run on all counts. I have always said that you cannot put your LHH experience into words. It is something that is “felt” and hard to express verbally. The electricity and energy was at an all-time high on Friday morning. Every single clinician was “on fire” and their energy didn’t let up for the whole 3 days. They gave everything they had and left nothing, they were hysterically funny and so very, very dedicated to their guests. One of the prevailing qualities about this select group of educators is their respect and camaraderie with each other. It was as infectious as it was inspiring.

I want to thank this year’s clinicians, Dr. Robert Miller, Lester Buckley, Eitan, Jon Ensign, Jack Brainard, Richard Winters, Sheila Varian, Ernie Morris and Rick Lamb for giving far beyond the call of duty, for their absolute resolve to be their very best and to give and enlighten more than any group of horsemen could imagine. And perhaps the most important thing of all is thank you for all the laughter. I know what you shared changed lives.

The new LHH 2011 highlight video is now up on the home page of the LHH website. Once again Barry Landen put hundreds of hours and his heart into this film. It is outstanding and really captures the look and feel of the event. If you are looking for some great training tips and some serious “wisdom” you will want to watch this video. A big thank you to Tom Spalding and Barry Landen for making sure these videos are done each year.

LHH could not have grown to the event it is now without the support of the event sponsor, Tom Spalding of Spalding-Labs and Fly Predators and of course our fabulous Host with the Most or the Intrepid One as we like to call him, Mr. Art Perry.

One person cannot put on an event like this alone. It takes a “whole village” of people. LHH has that village. These people have helped me for 5 years with absolute dedication and commitment. These are the LHH volunteers and they are the best.

Light Hands Clinician Jon Ensign continues with his training articles in Western Horseman. Also Lester Buckley of Light Hands Horsemanship will be doing some clinics here in CA this fall in the Napa area. Please check his website for more information.

Next year’s event is May 31-June 3. Expect to see some schedule changes, and new campfire additions and sing along. You can expect the same Fab 8 clinicians with the addition of famed horsewoman Leslie Desmond. We are hard at work on 2012 and it is expected to be a sell out once again. The website is up and ready for those of you who want to get to get a head start and register 2012. You will find a complete recap and many great pictures. Visit: for more details and stay tuned for continuous updates.

New Light Hands Horsemanship 2011 Promo Video

If you are in the mood for some inspiring wisdom and horsemanship you will want to watch the new 2011 Light Hands Horsemanship Promo Video. It is a 30 minute power packed over the top review of this last May’s event. It is a must watch.

Click Here to watch the 2011 LHH video
brought to you by Spalding Labs and Spalding Fly Predators!

Happy Birthday to Jack Brainard

On August 12th our good friend Jack Brainard celebrated his 90th birthday. The next time you think you are too old to get up on horse or just plain enjoy them think of Jack. He still mounts and rides as often as he can. He continues to travel and teach his remarkable horsemanship all over the country. If you have the opportunity to be part of one of Jack’s clinics or schools there can be no better investment in your horsemanship journey. Jack, you are inspiration to us all. We wish you many more birthdays in the saddle.


Where in the World are the Miller’s?

Dr. Robert Miller gave us all a scare at Road To The Horse this year. Bob had to take an unplanned trip to the hospital. After some surgery good ol’ doc was good as new and back making jokes as soon as the anesthesia wore off. He never stops amazing us with his outlook on life and the comedy he celebrates each day. Did this slow him down? No way. He and his wife Debby are as busy as ever and in more time zones than a 747. No one is more dedicated to the horse and teaching than Dr. Miller. Do not miss a chance to experience a “Miller Moment.” You will be so glad you did.

Intrepid Forever Diamonds For Sale

I wanted to mention to all you who may be in the market that Art Perry has his beautiful black mare, Intrepid Forever Diamonds for sale. I saw her while at LHH and she is stunning. A beautiful 9 year old, 15.3 hand, BLACK Morgan Mare. She was broke to ride and drive by Robb Wallen. Her sire is the famous Immortal Command and her dam is CBMF Midnight Star. Diamonds is easy to handle and gets along well with others in the pasture. She has had 2 lovely foals. Diamonds is reasonably priced at $6500. Art does need to find a good home for her ASAP so will also entertain offers.

Please contact Art at: 805-688-0020 or

Dark Buckskin Santa Fe 3 yr. Old Mare For Sale.

Rainbow Canyon Santa Fe Rose
(Santa Fe Renegade X Rainbow Canyon Rose Brigade)
2008 Dark Buckskin Mare
See video and pictures at:

Wowie we went to Maui

When 8 was recovering in the hospital in KY last Sept he told Teri and Kurt Rumens that a trip to Hawaii was starting to look pretty good to him. Eitan is not one to sit on the beach or to relax for very long so getting him to Hawaii has never been an easy task. He has gone in the past but growls until he gets there. Teri and Kurt being the generous and good friends that they are made this happen. Last Jan we all went to Maui for a week. It was a fantastic trip and Eitan loved it so much he wants to go back. As you would expect there was lots of laughter and good company and of course we had to go to MaMa’s to eat dinner one night. What a treat that was. Best seafood we ever had. Thanks Kurt and Teri…. we will always cherish this wonderful trip.

Eitan Inducted into American Morgan Horse Hall of Fame

In Feb of this year Eitan was honored at the AMHA Boston Convention by being inducted into the American Morgan Horse Hall of Fame. This was a very special occasion for this cowboy and he is proud to be inducted and recognized by such a great breed and association.

Debbie’s Honor

The Women in our Industry Honor Roll 2011
This theme, now in year three, celebrates the enormous, indeed disproportionate, influence women have on our industry.

I was honored to be one of the women who were awarded a place on this honor roll. I was sure in good company and congratulate the other wonderful women who share this award.

Debbie and Indigo Gold

As most of you know I am a big lover of all things gold. Especially horses. I have a weakness for Palominos. Hence I have 3 of them. When I first saw Indigo Gold I had to have him and once Eitan did he had to have him too. Indy has been a work in progress and I have always had my heart set on showing him. In June, I was able to show him in our first Western Dressage test. It was so much fun and I loved every minute of it. We still have a lot to work on but we are getting there. My goal is to show at the Morgan Grand National and World Championship in Oct. The World show has put in Western Dressage Classes for the first time. It has put a fire back under me and I have a great horse, trainer and coach, so why not.

Cowboy Dressage School of Horsemanship 2012

Our Cowboy Dressage School of Horsemanship continues to be very popular. We will be continuing our school in 2012. We only take 4 riders per session. Each session runs M-F and is about 5 – 6 hrs long. You can bring your own horse or use one of ours upon approval. This is not usually a course for beginner riders but geared more for the rider looking for refinement and a higher education in horsemanship. If you can walk, trot and lope with a good balanced seat and understand the basics of dressage this course is a great opportunity to expand on an already good foundation no matter what discipline you ride. It is $1500 if you bring your own horse and $1800 if you ride one of ours. A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot. The dates for the 2012 school year are:

Jan 9-13
Feb 13-17
March 19-23
April 16-20
May 7-11
May 21-25

Detailed information about the school and a registration form can be found at 

Road to the Horse

Eitan and I have been to Road to the Horse multiple times. Eitan was honored to have judged it 2009. Last year I asked my good friends, Teri Rumens, Pat West and Alyson Hughes to join me. They all came to experience RTTH for the first time. If they had to pick one year to go they picked the right year. This year was the RTTH Champion of Champions. The 3 clinicians were Pat Parelli, Clinton Anderson and Chris Cox. Those 3 sure delivered and it was bite your nails, sit on the edge of your chair excitement. The girls are hooked and we all plan to return in 2012. This year it will be an international event with 3 two man teams who will compete. There will be a USA, Australia and Canadian team. If you have ever thought of going it is a must. Visit for more information.

Needless to say all us girls made a huge contribution to the economy at the booths that were there and boy did we eat good too. It was a super girlfriend weekend !!!!

Trailer Trash

Yup, you read it right, that is the name of my new favorite “retro cowboy antique boutique.” This is the genius of Bonnie and Lee Rosser in Lincoln. Bonnie took a very old Airstream trailer and completely redid it in Retro Western/Roy Rogers. It is darling and Bonnie has a great eye for the things we grew up with that are now retro cowboy collectables. I just loved it. Everything she has brought back memories. Bonnie is a “hoot” and says she is a bit trashy herself so the whole get up is perfect. If you have a cabin or western theme going on in a room in your home contact Bonnie at:

Past Clinics of 2011

It has been a very busy year for us. We are back on the road and loving every minute of it. Clinics are always a great way to share knowledge and meet new and wonderful people.

Georgie and John Green hosted a TX clinic at Tarlton State University in Stephenville, TX. The Green’s hosted one of Eitan’s first clinics about 17 years ago and John has judged him many times in the past. We always look forward to time spent with them and their family. Georgie and John are examples of what TX hospitality is all about.

Each year we are anxious to return to Teri and Kurt Rumen’s Firerun Farm for our annual April Clinic. As usual the clinic was a big hit and well received. The Rumens pull out all the stops and made this more than just a clinic…they made it an event!

Very exciting news….. Teri’s world champion western mare, Firerun Natalia is in foal to Santa Fe Renegade for a 2012 foal.

We took a long trip to New Hampshire for 2 weeks of clinics at DeDa and Chris Newbert’s beautiful Kokonini farm. This is over 200 acres of beautiful rolling hills, woods and rich green meadows. The Newberts have a state of the art facility and over 2 miles of river frontage and many, many miles of groomed trails. We went to work but it was more like a vacation. We met many new and fabulous horse enthusiasts. We will be returning next year in July for more clinics.

Remaining Clinics for 2011

For those of you wishing to catch up with Eitan at one of his clinics here are the remaining clinics here in the US for 2011.

Colorado Aug 27/28
Contact Ellen DiBella at: 303-841-5210 or 
Maryland Sept 10-11 Full

Pennsylvania Sept 16-18
Rider slots still available. Contact: Pam Butterbaugh at:
814-939-9178 or

OKC, OK Wed Oct 12
Western Dressage Clinic. Additional Seminar to be announced. Both these will take place during the World Championship Morgan Horse Show on the OKC Fairgrounds.

Texas Oct 19-23 and 26-30
These will be held in the Gainesville area. These clinics will also feature legendary horseman, Jack Brainard. Jack and Eitan will be teaching together so don’t miss this chance to train with the “dynamic duo.” The clinics will be held at: El Lobo Ranch, Gainesville, TX  Contact Bonnie Glasgow at: 214-707-1873 or  for booking and details.

MEMC Neon in Foal to Santa Fe Renegade for 2012

My beautiful palomino mare MEMC Neon is in foal to Santa Fe Renegade for a May 2012 foal. Fingers are crossed that it will be gold with white trim. Neon is one of my favorite mares and this will be her first foal. She is a very big mare and fabulous moving. She is a kind of chocolate palomino with a platinum mane and tail, blaze and 4 even white socks. Being a Sabino with Splash we could get some serious chrome. Can’t wait for this one!!!

Neon is very kind and has a wonderful willing attitude. She is well broke and when she is not a “mommy” I hope to get her in to the show ring. You will know her if you see her. She is that kind of mare…unforgettable.


Santa Fe Renegade

Photo Work Shop at Wolf Creek Ranch

Grass Valley horsewoman, Leslie Deutsch who owns and operates Blue Fountain Farm is a woman of multiple talents. Not only is she a savvy business woman, excellent horsewoman but a very talented photographer. She arranged for a group of fellow photographers to meet at Wolf Creek Ranch to photograph horses. Dianne Old Rossi also brought 3 of her beautiful Friesians as photo subjects. It was a great day and even the wiener dogs got their pictures taken. There was a threat of rain but it held off and offered some wonderful lighting.

There were a total of over 6,000 shots taken that day and there were so many great ones it was hard to choose our personal favorites. Here are a few of them we wanted to share with you.

If you are looking for a photographer please visit Lesley’s and Jo’s websites: Lesley Deutsch:  and Jo Danehy:  Lesley also has a lovely boarding facility with a covered full size dressage court, arena, barn, paddocks, pastures and trails.

Santa Fe Daughters to Poland

Two beautiful Santa Fe Daughters are now in Poland. Ellen DiBella’s lovely black filly who is also a Holiday Compadre granddaughter and Kasey Monty’s big beautiful chestnut filly made the trip this past spring. They are the first Morgans in Poland and will have many fans and admirers.

Natural Horseman, Andrzej Makacewicz will be training these two lovely mares. Their new owner is Wojtek Hajduk and we wish them both great success and joy with these two exceptional mares.

Suntime Belle Starr

Fe Syrah

Eitan and Santa Fe Renegade return to
Morgan Grand Nationals in OKC, OK

Eitan and Santa Fe Renegade will be returning to Oklahoma City in Oct. 2011. The pair will do a Western Dressage Clinic on Wed Oct 12 and then do a performance at the opening of Championship Weekend evening session Oct 14th. A class room seminar is also in the works while at the show and details for that will be announced later.

Varian Arabians Summer Jubilee and Sale

We were very fortunate that we were able to attend Sheila Varian’s Summer Jubilee and Sale August 6th. This is a yearly, 3 day event. It was very well done, food and company were great and we saw some of the most beautiful Arabian Horses in the world. Judge Peter Cameron did a judging clinic on Western Horses. He was so full of information and what a sense of humor. Sheila did a clinic on horsemanship as well and as always she was humorous and inspiring. Sheila and her horses are legends both in and out of the breed. We saw friends from Light Hands also attending and a few Morgan friends too. Everyone appreciates exceptional horses no matter what the breed and Sheila’s horses sure did make me want to reach for my check book but fortunately or unfortunately I didn’t bring it.

For more information on Sheila Varian and her Exceptional Arabians visit her website at:  Sheila is also a returning clinician at our Light Hands Event in May of 2012.

Eitan, Dr. Robert Miller and Richard Winters at the AMHA Convention 2012 in Orlando, FL.

Eitan and Dr. Robert Miller appear in the UK fall of 2012.

Documentary on Eitan and his life.

Above are all possibilities…..  Watch for exciting details and updates in the near future.

Horsemanship and Training Tips

We have decided to share some of the training information that is in Eitan’s manual, “Cowboy Dressage, Understanding Horsemanship from the Inside Out.” Here are the first few pages covering “rider’s aids.”

Eitan said that doing the research for this manual changed the way he rode. He feels he is a better horseman. To have knowledge from “feel” is one thing but when you have to put it into actual words so that others can understand it was a huge personal journey. In future News Letters I will continue on with more from the manual. In the future look for more on the aids, basic anatomy, working the four corners of the horse's foot falls.

You can purchase the entire 42 page manual from our website at:

Click here to go to the newsletter's featured Training article.

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