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Cowboy Dressage World

Cowboy Dressage World is a working partnership between Debbie and Eitan Beth-Halachmy, John and Lyn Ringrose Moe, Susan and Terry Tomasini, Katrina and Jeff Sanders, Garn Walker, Sarah Dickinson, Ron Smith and Wyatt Paxton. This a partnership of those dedicated to Cowboy Dressage and its original vision. These people work as a group to bring you clinics, shows, trail rides and educational Cowboy Dressage Events. They are the backbone and workforce of Cowboy Dressage. They volunteer countless hours and physical work to make sure that Cowboy Dressage is alive and well here in the US and abroad. It is through their efforts that rules and tests are developed, clinic formats are designed and shows are put together.

The Cowboy Dressage Competition is developed with Eitan and Debbie along with these good, hardworking and wise horse people. A big “Thank You” to all of them for their amazing input and support. This is a group that makes things happen.

Visit: for clinic, show, sales, tack and all things Cowboy Dressage. You can also find help on many subjects pertaining to Cowboy Dressage.

Visit: for tests, diagrams, rules, schools, clinics and general information on Cowboy Dressage, Debbie and Eitan.

The World of Cowboy Dressage on Facebook

Facebook…. the place to get lots of Cowboy Dressage Educational information. New news and posts are going up daily. History is one of our favorite topics. Great photographs, old and new. You will find it an information and education overload and it is for FREE!!

Cowboy Dressage is growing around the world. See the many countries on Facebook.

New Custom Cowboy Dressage Saddles Now Available

We are very pleased to announce that we now have 3 Custom Cowboy Dressage Saddles designed for the Cowboy Dressage rider. These are all beautiful and well made quality saddles. A lot of thought went into the design and comfort for both horse and rider. Please contact us for information and ordering. Saddles can be seen at :

The Compadre

The Santa Fe

The Cowboy Dressage
by Dale Chavez

These quality loping hackamores also available.

Loping Hackamore
by Buckaroo Leather

Loping Hackamore designed by Eitan
and made by Dale Chavez


Cowboy Dressage Mobile Apps in the Works

Eitan who is always up for a new project is working on a mobile app for both Droids and iPhones. This app will be an animated version of each Cowboy Dressage Test. You will be able to watch or download them from your mobile phone or pads. This will be a handy tool and reference for those who wish to learn the tests and have a quick reference. Eitan and Silvermoon Graphics will be working together on this and plan to have it available this winter.

Cowboy Dressage Book in the Works

We are very excited about our new book on Eitan and his Cowboy Dressage that will be completed in the fall of 2014. For those of you who go back aways in the Morgan World you can’t forget the great Carlyle Command, owned by Katie Black of Abacus Morgans. Carlyle is the sire of our beloved Holiday Compadre. It is Katie’s daughter Jessica Black who is authoring this book and it is to be published by the well known publishing house, Trafalgar Publishing. This is going to be a big coffee table type book with many photos and illustrations, over 200 of them. The Morgan World’s own Carol Bradford will be the illustrator and the talented equine photographer Leslie Deutsch is the photographer for this big project.

Ultimate Super Horse Challenge with Charles Wilhelm

Eitan will be joining his friend and good horseman and clinician Charles Wilhelm at the Horse Expo in Pomona, CA. Feb 7-9, 2014 and assisting Charles in the judging of Charles’s Ultimate Super Horse Challenge Competition. This competition combines the best of western horsemanship and promises to be an exciting competition. See Charles and Eitan on Charles’s show on HRTV. Check scheduling at






Stormwalker Ranch and CD Building an Online Training Program

Cowboy Dressage has joined forces with Stormwalker Ranch and together they will be putting together an online Cowboy Dressage training program for riders, teacher and judges. This is a huge project for all but we are in good hands with Stormwalker Ranch. With the growing demands of Cowboy Dressage and the need for information and education in different states and now many countries this will help us to reach those that have the desire to follow and learn from Cowboy Dressage from anywhere in the world.

How to Build a Cowboy Dressage Competition and Choosing a Judge

Cowboy Dressage is not a USEF affiliate. We have the freedom to create and manage as we wish. This does not mean that you cannot have Cowboy Dressage Classes at a recognized USEF rated horse show. Cowboy Dressage classes can be added the day before (or after) the horse show starts as an open show. For example:  If your show is Saturday and Sunday you can have your Cowboy Dressage classes on Friday. That is how we have been doing it, and it works wonderfully. It allows for all breeds and puts a great deal of extra money back into the horse show. Cowboy Dressage classes can also be added as Opportunity Classes during any USEF show. These can be held during the body of the show. In both cases you do not pay USEF fees or need to be members. This is a considerable savings to exhibitors.

We have found that trying to have a Cowboy Dressage Show on its own is hard. What we suggest is that you attach the classes to a show that is already established and open to this idea. Since it brings in added revenue to the show, most are interested. Dressage shows may have an interest; but we find that the Western type shows really like the idea and will add the classes.

Judges….. who is to judge these classes?

This is what we have been doing. First, when choosing a judge seek a dressage judge with a western background as there are many out there. DO YOUR HOMEWORK when it comes to picking your judge. Each judge that we use must go through our website, watch the videos and visit with Lyn Ringrose Moe or Garn Walker on the judging criteria. We do not randomly pick a dressage judge and then hope they get it right. We support them and give them the tools to do a good job. We will do the same for anyone who is a candidate to judge your show. They just need to contact us. We also have list of qualified dressage judges that we are happy to share.

Where to find help:

Cowboy Dressage Rules, tests, judging guide lines, videos and more at or contact Lyn Ringrose Moe at and Garn Walker at:

To learn how to put on Cowboy Dressage Classes at a USEF rated show contact:
Ron Smith at

Ron Smith

To learn how to pick the judge for your Cowboy Dressage Class contact: Lyn Ringrose Moe at: or Garn Walker at:

Lyn Ringrose Moe

Garn Walker

Need help on “Calling a Class” contact Susan Tomasini at

Susan Tomasini

Need help with a Cowboy Dressage Facebook or webpage. Contact: Sarah Dickinson at:

Sarah Dickinson

Wyatt Paxton can help you learn how to set up the Cowboy Dressage Court and the Cowboy Dressage Challenge Court. Contact Wyatt at:

Wyatt Paxton

All things Cowboy Dressage Vaquero Style
Katrina and Jeff Sanders

Jeff Sanders

Cowboy Dressage School of Horsemanship

Here are the dates for the 2014 Cowboy Dressage School of Horsemanship
Jan 12-16, Feb 24-28, March 3-7, April 19-23, May 5-9 and 19-23

Cowboy Dressage Clinics Ahead for 2013

  • Saskatchewan, Canada Aug 9-12, 2013 Lindsay McGregor
  • Palos Verdes, CA. Aug 17-18, 2013 Michelle Goodwin at:
  • Auburn, KS.  Sept 6-8, 2013 Julie Vosberg at:
  • *Gainesville, TX. Oct 16-20 Bonnie Glasgow at :
    *This clinic is with Jack Brainard ( and Eitan. It will also have a Cowboy Dressage Horse Show on the last day; and open to the public. The clinic and show will be held at Craig Johnson’s facility in Gainesville, TX.

Horse Expos 2013 / 2014

Eitan has a busy year ahead in 2013 and 2014. You can expect to see Eitan and his Cowboy Dressage at the following Horse Expos. Eitan has added new video lectures to his educational program. These videos are very well done and highly educational.

Gold N Grand at Rancho Murieta  Equestrian Center.

August 2-4, 2013
"Build It and They Will Come”

Cowboy Dressage Competition debuted at Rancho Murieta Gold N Grand Horse show Aug 2-4. Gold N Grand is known on the west coast for being the premier open horse show at one of the west’s top equine facilities.

A record number of 183 entries for one discipline made history. It was Cowboy Dressage. This does not happen by accident. It happens because of hard work, a strong support system, brilliant team work and an excellent product.

Thank you to so many people who worked to make this happen. From trainers to amateurs to volunteers to staff and most of all to the many, many horses who all gave so much.

We were so excited to present our Gold N Grand High Point Cowboy Dressage Buckle to our open rider Jeff Sanders of Fallon, NV. Our Amateur Buckle went to May Dutil of Santa Rosa, CA and our Junior Buckle went to Anna Borden of Auburn, CA. Every rider and every horse was a winner and we congratulate you all!!!
This is very exciting and rewarding for a small grass-roots group with an idea and a dream. With the help of extraordinary people from our core Cowboy Dressage World Group, Dr. Robert Miller, Jack Brainard and many others, we are forging ahead with momentum and growth.


Cowboy Dressage Gathering, Horse Show and Clinic

Join us November 15-17, 2013 for our first annual Cowboy Dressage Gathering. It is a celebration of our first full year of Cowboy Dressage World competitions and clinics and our Hand Shake Memberships. This is a place to not only compete but to share thoughts and ideas among friends and kindred spirits. It is all inside so rain or shine we have a date with you all. These are just a few of the things you can look forward too over the 3 full days… all just for you.

Information will be posted on soon.
Stay tuned and check the website often.

**These are tentative plans so be aware that all content is subject to change as we develop them so check the website often.

Event Location

Take a tour of one of the west coast's premier equestrian facilities at:

Clinic Friday Nov 15, 2014

10:00 AM - Noon

New Youth Partnership and Horsemanship Tests to be unveiled with demos and discussion.

Noon- 2:00 PM  Lunch Break (Food on the grounds)
2:00 PM – 4:00 PM Clinic   Cowboy Dressage Tests and  Cowboy Dressage Challenge Test Demos and discussion.

4:30 PM - ? Dinner and Entertainment

There will be separate charge for dinner on Fri pm so stay tuned for menu and pricing.

Show Sat Nov 16, 2014

All CD Classes to run that day and possibly in the PM

Show Sun Nov 17, 2014

All CD Classes to run that day and possibly in the PM

15 Minutes after last class on Sunday. Over All Highpoint Awards to be Awarded.

Buckles will award to high point for AM, Youth, Open and Freestyle Classes for the Youth Division, CD General Classes, Challenge Classes and an overall Cowboy Dressage Vaquero Style High Point.

Overall High point Mustang is under consideration so if you wish to be in this division please let us know.
You must show in 4 classes to be eligible for the overall high point awards. Your 3 highest scores will determine you high point standing. The freestyle will only need two scores for high point.


Friday Clinic $75

Handshake Members $50. Become a member and save $25. Membership is free. Visit to become a member. Be sure to reply to the conformation email to finalize your membership.

Under 18 years of age  $25

Classes will be $45 each.

Stalling and RV sites will be available

Awards (more to follow)

*Quality Vendors will be there with super products for the Cowboy
Dressage Rider and Coinsurer.

Mother Lode Horse Show

A great place to perfect your ride and partnership before our Cowboy Dressage Finals Show in November. Both of these shows are at the same location. Beautiful facility under cover.

  • Mother Lode Horse Show
    Thursday, August 29 thru Sunday, September 1, 2013
    Rancho Murieta Equestrian Complex, Rancho Murieta, CA
  • Cowboy Dressage mini clinic Wednesday, August 28, 2013 in the late afternoon.
  • Cowboy Dressage Open Show Thursday, August 29, 2013
  • Cowboy Dressage Open Oppoutunity classes offered on Saturday, August 31, 2013

All Cowboy Dressage Tests, Diagrams, Rules etc can be found at

Free "Cowboy Dressage" clinic included within the above 4 day schedule
Contact Kelly Denison at: or Ron Smith at    

Economy Cowboy Dressage Court

In an effort to keep up with the economic times, our court designer and manufacturer, Jumps West now offers the Cowboy Dressage Brand Letters for a full Cowboy Dressage Court. These letters/brands come in a “stencil” and will fit a 5 gal. white painter’s bucket that can be found at most hardware stores (Home Depot). You just place the bucket upside down and place the stencil on it and paint. If you want to use the buckets as a planter for the corners or entry you can place them right side up. These are easy to stack and transport.
Find out more at

SF Retired and Out to Pasture


Santa Fe Renegade is now 15 years old. He has never ever given us less than 100%. He has long deserved a time to be in the pasture with a mare or two. In June of this year we turned Santa Fe out to pasture with his favorite “blonde” Lighthouse Bonnie. They are a very happy couple and Santa Fe loves just being “a horse” for the first time in his life. It was hard to turn him over to this lifestyle but we knew it was the right thing to do and the right time. Retirement looks good on Santa Fe……..he is a grand, grand horse and always well be. How blessed we were to have such wonderful horses. Holiday Compadre, Galahad’s Golden Warrior and Santa Fe Renegade.  Could we have a 4th or even 5th on the horizon? Read on…


Cheyenne Gold and Comanche Gold

Santa Fe’s retirement had been long planned. It did not come upon us unannounced. We had been working toward it for the last few years. Eitan knew he had in Cheyenne Gold a very strong candidate to carry on in the hoof prints of the great Eitan horses before him. What we did not know was how good our Cheyenne was until he became Eitan’s prime focus. WOW is all we can say! We knew Cheyenne was going to be good but he is more than good… he is simply amazing and going to be very, very special. A one in a million horse but then we did get his brother, Comanche Gold….. only a 2 year old colt. Looks like Eitan is going to have to stay in the saddle for many more years as these is worth getting old for. You will be seeing more of Cheyenne in 2014.

Cheyenne Gold & Eitan

Comanche Gold

LHH 2013 Overview

Year number 7 was another great one for Light Hands Horsemanship. How it continues to deliver at such a high level each and every year is amazing. I have to applaud the clinicians, staff, Art Perry, Spalding-Labs, vendors and Kevin Henning who give their all time after time, year after year. People still come from around the country and around the world to share in the 4 days of magic.

Mark your calendars for May 29- June 1, 2014 for Light Hands Horsemanship 2014.  Same place…… it is like coming home to a family reunion!

Intrepid Farms, Santa Ynez, CA

THE CONNECTIONS. Educational Information for those that want to know!

THE CONNECTIONS. The rider's hands and rein are connected through the bit to the horse's front legs and the rider's legs are connected to the horse's hind legs. The rider’s pelvis is connected to the horse’s pelvis.

“See more diagrams and illustrations on our FB page.

The rider's hands and rein should be connected through the bit to the horse's front legs. The rider's shoulders are mirroring the horse's shoulders. The rider’s pelvis should be connected to the horse’s pelvis through the horse's back. The rider’s pelvis is also connected to the horse’s ribcage. The rider’s calves should be connected to the horse’s abdominal muscles and also to the horse's rib cage . The rider’s calves are also connected to the horse’s hind legs in the sense that they can monitor the tracking of the hind legs. The rider's hips should be connected to the horse's hips.

The connection between horse and rider is more then just physical, it is the combining of two separate energies that come together as one.

Please visit our Facebook Cowboy Dressage page for the latest news and current happenings, and our YouTube Channel for videos on Cowboy Dressage.

As always thanks to our sponsors for believing in us:

Spalding Labs

Redmond Rock

For more information visit Redmond Equine.

Jumps West (Cowboy Solutions)
Cowboy Dressage courts, cones and rails

Husby Boots
Huseby Boots

Horses trained by Eitan... groomed by Equiscentials

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