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Cowboy Dressage Newsletter
November 2009

Dear Friends,

Months have passed since I last sent you all an update on the goings on at Wolf Creek Ranch. I am going to share some past highlights and future highlights with you. Enjoy!   ~Debbie and Eitan

Attention Holiday Shoppers

More on Light Hands Horsemanship 2009/2010

Light Hands Horsemanship Legends are coming...Sponsored by Spalding- Labs

LHH was once again a big success. Each year we continue to out do ourselves. Famed Texas horseman Jack Brainard joined, Eitan, Bob, Lester and Jon for two days of outstanding horsemanship. Jack who had been training his American Quarter Horse, "Cowboy" to do Cowboy Dressage did a presentation with Eitan and his horse Santa Fe Renegade. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house. It was truly inspiring. If you ever thought you were getting to old to step up on a horse and continue on with your dreams you need to meet Jack Brainard. He is a man who thrives on continued education and a good horse.

Rick Lamb was once again our MC. Rick always brings his magic to our event. He knows each clinician well and is able to keep things running smoothly and on time. Rick is also a published author on horse related subjects and hosts the very popular "Horse Show" on RFD-TV. In 2010 Rick will be our MC but he will also be giving lectures on some very interesting subjects. This is something new for us and we are excited to share more of Rick and his in depth knowledge on horses and horsemen. Rick is very good at this and our guests will be in for a new and exciting experience at LHH.

We introduced the "Campfire and Tall Tales" in 2009. It was loved by all. People laughed and cried on Fri and Sat night as Jack Brainard, Dr. Robert Miller, Dianne Olds Rossi, Petrine Mitchum and Harold Waddley told some truly wonderful stories. This group of 5 outstanding horsemen and women shared memorable stories and experiences from WWII, the Depression, ranching, Hollywood and more. Not one of us will forget any of these stories. All who told them were grand storytellers and they left each one of us with a new and heart felt experience. The campfire will be back again in 2010.

Dr. Robert Miller not only gives his all during his lectures and overwhelms us with his research, findings, experience and wisdom… he is very funny and if he had not been a great veterinarian he could of easily succeeded in "stand-up" comedy. He is also a celebrated cartoonist and many of you probably grew up on his cartoons and articles in Western Horseman.

This year the clinicians were really on the money. They delivered so much information and were so connected with each other that it was a weekend of teaching like no other. I don’t think you can find a "teaching team" like these 5 gentlemen anywhere in the country. It was remarkable and inspiring.

The Chuck Wagon joined us once again but will not be joining us in 2010. You will be treated to a new menu. Kevin Henning of Los Olivos Grocery will be catering the event. Be ready for a weekend of fabulous Santa Maria style Bar B Q.Delight the horse lover on your holiday list with a trip to Light Hands Horsemanship as an extra special holiday gift.  Savings if you book early so don't delay.

In 2010 well respected horseman and educator Richard Winters will be our guest Clinician. Richard has many awards and accolades. He is the 2008 winner of Road to the Horse. We are excited to have him at LHH 2010. He will bring a lot to our guests. Jack Brainard will be returning again. Jack is so full of wit and wisdom we just had to have him back.

In 2010 we will be expanding to 3 full days of clinics. We will have 7, yes 7 outstanding horsemen who will share their knowledge and experience. You don’t want to miss next year’s event. I know it is going to surpass our past ones and they were pretty darn good so that is really saying something. So mark your calendars for LHH 2010, May 20-23. Museum tours begin on Thurs May 19th. Be ready to shop as all our vendors will be returning and they had some great must have stuff!!

Expect the same wonderful warm and friendly atmosphere from our host Art Perry at his beautiful Intrepid Farms in Santa Ynez, CA.

Watch for an article on LHH 2009 by Elizabeth Kaye McCall in one of this winter’s Cowboy and Indians magazine. C and I is the premier magazine for all who love the western life style.  If you don’t get it you should… we call it "the wish book."

The LHH website for 2010 is updated so visit .
Visit the new LHH Blog too!!

More on Cowboy Dressage Competitions

Dressage for the Western Horse

More and more shows are adding the Cowboy Dressage Classes. It is growing in popularity and it looks like you will see more and more of them as time goes on. Much work is underway and you will see up coming changes in the tests and rules. This division is for all breeds and can be held at most shows. If you have a USEF approved show it can be held before the show officially starts or when it ends and can be listed in the premium under misc. classes. If you show at a USEF approved Morgan show the classes can be held during the show but still must be listed in the misc. sections of the premium list. Watch for more big and exciting news after the first of the year.

Read articles by Jack Brainard and Dr. Robert Miller on Cowboy Dressage.

I personally showed for the first time at two of the shows and I loved it. I can’t express how much fun and highly rewarding it was. The classes are judged by a dressage judge and you get a score and comments after each ride. As an educational format you can’t beat it. You compete against your self and the judge’s marks are fully explained. These classes are educational and fun. Both horse and rider benefit.

Update 11/2/09 Mule Days in Bishop, CA will be featuring Cowboy Dressage Class for Mules at their May 2010 event.

Cowboy Dressage School of Horsemanship 2010

In 2010 because of the demand we decided to offer more CDSOH classes. The months of Jan-April will have 2 sessions that are 5 days each. May will only have one session as we have LHH that month as well. Many of the classes sold out early but we do have some slots open for Jan, Feb and one in March. Visit for more information and details.


Mark your calendars for Oct 28-Nov 1 and Nov 11-15. Eitan and famed horseman Jack Brainard have joined forces and will be doing two 5 day clinics in the Gainesville, TX area. Each rider will get 3 hrs of Jack in the mornings and 3 hrs of Eitan in the afternoons. (prepare to be brain dead!) I have heard that riding slots are filled for each clinic but auditors are encouraged and welcome. Don’t think that if you are an auditor you will not get enough information….you will get a notebook full and then some so bring pen and paper for notes. If you have an interest and wish to be part of what promises to be a landmark event contact Bonnie Glasglow at: or 214-707-1873

Eitan Addressing the Auditors Eitan instructing his students
Eitan and Mr. Brown
Bonnie Glasglow Event Organizer
David Brown and favorite mount
Jack Brainard and Friends

Eitan will actually be in TX from Oct 12- Nov 18 so if you are close by please contact us for a private lesson or just a visit. He will have Santa Fe Renegade and Indigo Gold with him. He will be staying at Jack’s guest ranch in Whitesboro, TX. Email address:

Update 11/2/09 We have been in TX for three weeks now and loved every minute of it. This part of the country is truly a horseman's paradise, especially if you have a love of "everything cowboy." Unfortunately the day after we arrived Jack Brainard had to have emergency bypass surgery. He had 4 bypasses and is expected to make a full recovery. We missed him greatly at our first TX clinic but hope he will be able to visit us during our second TX clinic in this Nov. We love Jack dearly and are anxious for him to get back "in the saddle" soon. I am sure he is even more anxious than we are for that to happen. Eitan can easily identify with Jack's situation having had a 7 way by pass 12 years ago.

A Big TEXAS Thank You to Kathy & Jack Brainard, Bonnie Glasglow and Wayne Zercher and Janet & David Brown for their help support and efforts in helping make our visit to Texas so successful and enjoyable. What a time we all had!!

We wish to Thank everyone who made our trip such a huge success and especially Bonnie Glasglow and Jack Brainard. Texas is a big state and many traveled a long distance to share time with us. We also had people come from as far away as AZ, KY, CO, MI, NH IL, VT, WY, and PA. It was truly a wonderful time. We look forward to next year!

The clinics are still a go and Eitan is doing a full day instead of half a day.

If you wish to send Jack a card or note please send to 1138 West Line Rd, Whitesboro, TX 76273.

Visit: for health updates as well.

Dianne Olds Rossi’s master of Haute d’Ecole

New DVD by Eitan now available.

Eitan had the privilege of doing a new promotional DVD for the one and only Dianne Olds Rossi. Dianne is the consummate horsewoman. This new DVD is much like Dances With Cows as it is highly entertaining and beautifully done. If you are looking for that special Xmas gift for the horse lover on your list consider both Dances with Cows and Dianne’s new DVD. You can order DWC at

Dianne’s new DVD can be ordered from Dianne at: . Her websites are: and

New DVD by Dr. Robert Miller

Eitan is working on a new DVD for Dr. Robert Miller. Expect this to be released in 2010. What will it be about? We will just have to wait and see but I can promise you it will be good! I hear Dr. Miller is getting a new and improved website in the near future so visit:

Cheyenne Gold arrives at Wolf Creek

It has been a long search for just the right Palomino for Eitan’s next Cowboy Dressage project. We think we have found that horse in the 3 yr. old Saddlebred stallion Cheyenne Gold. This colt arrived in late August and much to our delight he was even more than we expected. Eitan had to have lots of deep rich gold (like a newly minted penny) with lots of "chrome." He wanted a "signature horse" that you would not find anywhere else….something memorable and of course talented. He got all of it!!

Cheyenne is a long term project and shows great promise. He has all the attributes Eitan looks for in his own special horses. It is a matter of time and patience. Keep an eye out for this horse as he could very well be "spectacular."

See more of Cheyenne >>Click Here

Santa Fe Renegade to be a Model Horse and Bronze

New Model from White Horse Studio’s by Caroline Boydston and Kitty Cantrell

We are so excited about this new highlight and honor for Santa Fe. Work is in progress and the finished product hopes to be available as soon as this November. We plan to have them available on our website and at LHH in May of 2010. WHS offers high quality and special attention to detail not often seen in many of today’s model horses. Santa Fe will be offered in hand painted resins and as a bronze. Some will be limited editions. A bust is also in the works. If you have not seen Caroline and Kitty’s work please visit their website at: 

Update 11/2/09 I just heard from Caroline and a model of Santa Fe is also being created by Caroline for Peter Stone of Stone Model Horses. Caroline also said that the new resign models of Santa Fe will be available in November of this year. Keep an eye on the Cowboy Dressage Website for details on both.

Cowboy Dressage, Understanding Horsemanship from the Inside Out

New training manual NOW AVAILABLE

Eitan has been working diligently on a new endeavor. He will be releasing a new training manual in Oct of this year. This is a first for Eitan. In this 40+ page manual Eitan discusses much of what he covers and teaches in his DVDs, clinics, school and training program. There is a lot of good information and many detailed diagrams to help the reader a long. This manual is "student friendly" and is easy to follow and understand. Eitan covers movement, footfalls, cadence and anatomy as well as gymnastic exercises for the horse.

If you want to learn how to "build" your horse and condition him mentally and physically to be the best he can be this is a must have. This will also be available in a CD format.

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Miller get first Morgan

Terob B Exquisite will have a new home with Dr. Robert Miller and his wife Debby. "B" as she is affectionately called was bred by Teri Personeni of Terob Morgans of Grass Valley, CA and formerly owned by Ellen DiBella of Sunrise Morgans in Parker, CO. "B" is a granddaughter of the great Holiday Compadre. She is a half sister to my beloved Lighthouse Bonnie by Nashboro Gallant Lad. At this time "B" is in the capable hands of Dawn Batti of Batti Ranch in Lincoln, CA. "B" is getting her Natural Horsemanship education there and will be going home to the Millers this next winter.

It had been a long time desire for Debby to have her own Morgan mare. She wanted something on the smaller side that would be safe and comfortable. She got just the right package with her darling "B". This is a lovely little mare with lots of Morgan quality, very kind disposition and excellent mind.

She is just what Debby had been dreaming of and in "gold" to boot!

As a side note Dawn Batti now owns her first Gold Morgan Mare. After getting "B" in training Dawn and her husband Val fell in love with her and wanted one of their own. Teri Personeni just happened to have another beautiful gold mare and she is now Dawn’s new golden girl named Dream Catcher Miss Chief another daughter of Nashboro Gallant Lad. Teri did keep one for her self too who is also in training with Dawn Batti.


Meadowcreek Bay B Fe goes to Madison Avenue Morgans

Meadowcreek Bay B Fe

World Champion Renegade Rose

Kismet Rebel

Sandra Nelson of Madison Avenue Morgans bought Meadowcreek Bay B Fe as a potential Cowboy Dressage Competition horse. We are excited that Sandra acquired yet another Santa Fe Renegade offspring for her line up of impressive breeding and show horses. Bay B Fe will join his half sister World Champion Renegade Rose at Madison Avenue. Both horses will be under the direction of Daryl Hopson of Trafalgar in Walla Walla, WA. We wish Sandra and Daryl great success with these two beautiful horses.

Congratulations also go out to Frank Frantado on the purchase of the 2009  Santa Fe colt, Kismet Rebel out the good Primavera Valdez daughter, Kismet Promise. Rebel was bred by Meghan Eaton of Kismet Morgans, Chehalis, WA.

Congratulations to Danielle Green and Whispering Winds Farm.

Commander In Charge and Danielle Green

Whispering Winds Farm proudly welcomes to the Pacific Northwest Danielle Green as our Trainer/Breeding Manager.  Dani hails from Grass Valley, CA where she apprenticed with Eitan and Debbie Beth-Halachmy.  Dani will be taking a limited number of outside horses for training starting in 2010 as well as offering a lesson program.  Please stop by and say hello to this very charming and talented young lady whom we are extremely excited to have joining our team.

Clinics 2010

New Clinics are now posted on our website. Look for us on the east coast twice next year. PA June 26/27 and MD June 19/20.

Eitan will also be in Colorado mid summer July 17/18

Eitan and Dr. Miller will be joining forces in the Redding area this winter Jan 16/17

Watch for more clinics and appearances as they are booked.

Keep an eye on March… something very special and exciting is in the works!!!

Morgan Grand National 2009 Updates

Santa Fe Renegade foals receive top honors once again.

EV Special

EV Santa Fe's Patron

Meadowcreek I'm A Renegade 

For the second year Santa Fe Renegade's foals have received top honors at the 2009 Morgan Grand National and World Championship Morgan Horse Show held in Oklahoma City, OK. We wish to congratulate Meadowcreek I'am a Renegade owned by Susan Poe of Astoria, OR and trained by Jenna Rankin of Jenna Rankin Training Stables in Astoria, OR. Renegade was shown by Jenna's mother, Kelley Rankin to the Reserve World Western Pleasure Three Year Old title. This was an especially exciting win as Jenna won the World Title for the same division on Pam Engblum's beautiful 3yr old by Pardon My French. It was a power packed double win for this dynamic mother and daughter team. If you remember in one of our last news letters we mentioned Jenna Rankin and Kasey Monty as young talent to keep an eye on as they were up and comers in the western and hunt divisions. We also wish to congratulate EV Santa Fe Special (owned by Karen Cooley) on his big win in the Western Pleasure Ladies Gelding Class. This was a huge class and very competitive. Special received top honors under their guidance of Kelly Kraegel Varner of Oklahoma. Special went on to receive a strong 3rd in the highly regarded Western Pleasure Ladies World Championship where you often see the best of the best at OKC. Jill Smith was especially excited as she showed her beloved EV Santa Fe's Patron to a top ten in the Western Pleasure Amateur division. Jill and Patron are under the direction of Jewels Adams of Futurity Farm in Auburn,CA.

Kelley and Jenna Rankin. Mother and Daughter win back to back!

Sale Horses by Santa Fe Renegade

Visit for more information.

Suntime Belle Star
2008 Black Filly 

2006 Gelding

2007 Colt

ASHA and Cowboy Dressage

From Barbara Molland BOD ASHA

Petaluma, Ca 

In this morning's meeting of the Charter Council leadership, I appointed Denise Blacklaw to head up a committee and to act as liaison between the American Saddlebred Charter Club Council and Western/Cowboy Dressage. This gives the discipline an official presence within the breed organization.

Bonnie Glasglow Gets New Saddlebred Filly

Bonnie Glasglow of Pilot Point, TX just got herself a new weanling Saddlebred Filly. Bonnie had fallen in love with Eitan's new Saddlebred, Cheyenne Gold. She just had to have one of her own. Bonnie now has "Rose" who is a half sister to Cheyenne on the dam's side. She is a lovely palomino with 4 white socks and already a futurity winner. Saddlebreds are a new adventure for Bonnie who has long been a Quarter Horse owner. The experience of both these wonderful breeds will give Bonnie lots to share in the future.

Happy Trails to All and we wish you good health and happiness during the coming season.   

~Debbie and Eitan Beth-Halachmy


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