Cowboy Dressage Fall 2010 News Letter

Reflections, Blessings and Miracles

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives your courage." ~Lao Tzu

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny compared to what lies within us."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I wanted to open this newsletter with the above quotes.  With the events of the last month they seemed appropriate.

For those of you who do not know, Eitan had a near fatal heart incident at the end of his part of the finale at the Opening Ceremony of the World Equestrian Games in Lexington, KY.  He had had the ride of his life during his performance. He later returned to a solo part in the finale. It was cut short when Eitan slid from Santa Fe Renegade after he suffered Ventricular Fib. This is almost always fatal. If not for the response of the nearby EMT’s and the quick action of a bystander who just happened to be a retired ER Trauma Doc, Eitan would have performed his last performance.

The story is long and filled with miracle after miracle. When I asked Eitan what he was going to do for the finale he told me not to worry that it would be “really special.” Little did I know how those words would come back to me later.

Eitan spent 2 weeks in the University of Kentucky Chandler Trauma Hospital. Eight of those days were in ICU. Do to the life saving job of CPR he suffered 9 broken ribs, fractured sternum and a punctured lung. Because he landed on a barrier when he fell he ruptured his spleen and it had to be removed as well.

It is now 6 weeks since this happened. Eitan is a lesson in determination, strength and a remarkable will to survive. He is up and walking long distances each day. The sparkle has returned to his eyes and he is anxious to get back to his horses and his beloved Santa Fe Renegade who took care of him during this near catastrophic event. When Eitan slid from Santa Fe his foot was caught up in the stirrup. Santa Fe was calm and allowed help to begin assisting with Eitan’s aid. In any situation a foot caught in the stirrup can be very dangerous. Thank You Santa Fe!!

There are so many people to thank for saving Eitan’s life that this newsletter would be long if I only mentioned all these “angels.” We do want to Thank  the EMT’s and the UK Chandler Hospital Drs and staff, Dr. Michael Reiser, Tom Spalding, Sammi and Bill Hazen, Bonnie Glasgow, Teri and Kurt Rumens, All the Brown Family, Kathy Cox, Sharon Beth-Halachmy and Ellen and Nick DiBella, Betsy Viets Wallen, Michelle Morton, Teri Personeni and Ron Smith. These are just a few special people who all pulled together and helped turn a near tragedy into a “homecoming.”

If you wish to read a journal and tributes to Eitan you can go to

You can also go to this link to see the tribute that was done for Eitan on the Jumbotrons during the Closing Ceremony of the World Equestrian Games.

You can also view his performance at:

The number of visitors to Eitan’s guestbook is staggering. Quite a tribute to a man who just got up each day and did what he loved and tried to share it with others.

We send a heartfelt thank you to all for your prayers and well wishes. We have personally read every single email and post on Caring Bridge and Face Book. We were moved to tears more than once.

Eitan says he now has two Birthdays……

What Lies Ahead For Us?

"The mediocre teacher tells.  The good teacher explains.  The superior teacher demonstrates.  The great teacher inspires."  ~William Arthur Ward

We plan to continue to do what we love to do with more dedication and devotion to the horse and those that love them. It is our way to give thanks for our blessings.

All confirmed clinics and appearances will stay according to schedule for 2011.


Below is a link you can click on to see a video of Eitan’s performance at the Closing and Opening Ceremonies of the World Equestrian Games 2006 and 2010.  Enjoy!

Click Here to watch video.

EITAN “Then and Now!”

I thought you might all enjoy a few of these pictures.

Eitan in Israel as a boy with dreams

Eitan now, a horseman living his dream.

Deda and Chris Newbert

Chris Newbert has been studying with Eitan for the last year. He is a very talented amateur and with a very gifted Quarter Horse Gelding, Chico. Chris and is wife Deda live in NH. Chris and Eitan worked together through videos and a few one on one clinics. Both teacher and student were very prepared, ready, and excited about the clinics and their pending WEG experience.

Because Eitan was not able to do the 16 clinics that were planned at WEG’s Equine Village Chris took over and simply showed people what Eitan had taught him. Chris did an excellent job and we are so proud of him. Talk about courage under fire… A new “star” has been born and we are so pleased to be a part of it. Other clinicians joined Chris each day in support of Eitan. We wish to thank Lynn Palm, Pat Parelli, Dianne Olds Rossi, JP Gacomini and Clay Mire.

Chris and Deda are both award winning underwater photographers. I encourage you to visit their Website at:  Be sure to visit their Clinics and Farm page too:

When Chris and I discussed him taking over the clinics for Eitan he said he was very nervous about doing so. I told him, “You swim with sharks for heaven’s sakes, how scary can a clinic be?”  Chris swam through his clinics. He photographs like Eitan rides.

Deda and Chris Newbert and Quarter Horse Gelding, Chico

Morgan World Championship 2010

Kasey Hoover Monty rode Meadowcreek Bay Be Fe to the National Championship 3 yr. old Stallion and Geldings class. The pair later returned to capture the 3 Yr. Old World Championships. Bay B Fe is by Santa Fe Renegade out of a WH Zimbabwe daughter. Both dam and Bay Be Fe were bred by Beverly Blake of Meadowcreek Morgan’s in Grass Valley; CA. Beverly was also the breeder of the 2009 Resv. World Champion 3 Year Old Western Pleasure winner, Meadowcreek I’m a Renegade by Santa Fe Renegade and was show by Jenna Rankin.

We wish to congratulate Firerun Farm, Playmor Farm, Silvercreek Morgans, Carlino Family Farm, Gale Mountain Morgans and Stony Point Morgans , Megan Evans and Jewels Adams Training on all their wins and championships. A job well done by good people with good horses. The perfect winning combination.

More World Championship Kudos to:

Teri Rumens and FRF Leviticus dazzled the judges for a unanimous win in the World Championship Classic Pleasure Saddle division. I bet Teri is still grinning from ear to ear. Thanks Kurt, Rod, Ginger and Juan (Sambo too) for helping put that grin on Teri’s face. Way to go “Levi”

We also wish to extend congratulations to good friends Sandra Nelson and Daryl Hopson on his World Championship ride and win on Beau. Sandra was thrilled to see her beautiful stallion return to the OKC’s winner’s circle.

We are so proud of BEF Ivan.  Ivan had been a favorite mount of Eitan’s when Eitan was still training horses for the public. Jill and Malcolm Smith are dear friends and always believed in their beautiful “Ivan.” Thank you Jewels Adams and Megan Evans who brought Ivan to his first and well deserved World Championship Title. Under Jewels watchful eye Megan and Ivan won the World Champion Western Pleasure Youth title.

More congratulations go to EV Santa Fe’s Patron (trained  by Jewels Adams) owned by Jill and Malcolm Smith, HP Yippee Ki -A owned by Hal  and Stacy Parker (trained by Mary Ludke) and EV Santa Fe Special, trained by Cotton Wood Creek. All three horses and riders gaining top 10 ribbons in deep World Championship Competition.

Dale Rumens-Partee’s gets new Saddlebred

Congratulations to Dale Rumens-Parte of Western Sky Training in Snohomish, WA on the purchase of her first Saddlebred from Barbara Molland of Far Field Farms in Petaluma, CA.

Dale was on the hunt for the perfect Western Dressage mount and was just smitten by the very beautiful and colorful 2 yr. old gelding. We look forward to great things from this talented pair in the near future.  Happy Trails, Dale!

Contact for Dale:

Western Dressage Association of America

It is official, the new association is up and running.

Visit  for all the exciting details and lots of information. LOG ON AND BECOME A MEMBER TODAY!!


If you are a western rider but have always wanted to learn, ride and show dressage without giving up the western that you love this is the association to become familiar with.

Become a member, join now and be in on the ground floor of a new discipline that promises to be fun and rewarding.

Western Dressage lessons are held every other week in the Parker, CO area. A great group of interested riders get together every other week with Cliff Swason and Deb Donley. Please contact Ellen DiBella for more information at:

We just attended one of these clinics at Cliff Swanson’s in Castle Rock, CO. There was a good turnout and a good time was being had by all. Cliff and Deb are doing an excellent job teaching and inspiring others. These lessons are held in an indoor arena if you are winter riders. You can contact Cliff directly at:

If you would like to see Western Dressage Classes added to a show near you it is easy. Information is on the website and if you need more just let us know and we will be glad to help you or the show.

Jewels Adams also offers Western Dressage Lessons at Futurity Farm in Auburn, CA. You can contact Jewels through her assistant, Megan Evans at: 916-812-1144 or

Lesley Deutsch of Blue Fountain Farms will be offering a Western Dressage Show June 4-5, 2011. You can contact Lesley at: or visit her website at:

Request Brochures at:

Western Dressage Clinic held at Morgan Grand National and World Championship

The 2010 Morgan Grand National and World Championship Horse Show held its first ever Western Dressage Clinic. Jewels Adams and BEF Ivan did a demonstration and Cliff Swanson and Christina Mitchell assisted with education and information.

Will the Western Dressage Classes be held any time soon at our World Championship Horse Show? With support and interest it could happen.





Cowboy Dressage Clinics for 2011

Northwest Horse Fair

March 18-20, 2011

Linn Co. Fair & Expo Center Albany, OR

John & Judith Cloe
(765)  655-2107

Cowboy Dressage Clinic

April 23, 2011

Blue Fountain Farms
Grass Valley, CA
Carter Chess

Lesley Deutsch

Light Hands Horsemanship

May 19 - 22, 2011

Intrepid Farms   Santa Ynez, CA   530-346-2715

Cowboy Dressage Clinic

August 6, 2011

Blue Fountain Farms
Grass Valley, CA
Carter Chess

Lesley Deutsch

Cowboy Dressage Clinic

August 26 - 28, 2011

Sunrise MorgansSunrise Morgans   Parker, Colorado

Contact: Ellen DiBella   303-841-5210  
*Exact location and details to follow.

Cowboy Dressage Clinic

Sept 10 & 11, 2011

Red Rock Ranch
Vicki and Jim Hackett
9650 Longs Mill Road
Rocky Ridge, Maryland 21778


Beaver Run ArenaCowboy Dressage Clinic

Sept 16 - 18, 2011
Beaver Run Arena

Contact Info : Pam Ph 814-939-9178


Fall 2010 Dos Amigos Cowboy Dressage Clinics with Eitan Beth-Halachmy and Jack Brainard Oct 20-24, 2010 and November 3-7, 2010

Dos Amigos Texas Clinic

Oct 19-23 and Oct 26-30

Contact Bonnie Glasgow 214-707-1873

Location TBA

Cowboy Dressage School of Horsemanship 2011

The 2011 dates for our winter/spring sessions for our Cowboy Dressage School of Horsemanship are: 

March 7-11
March 28 - April 1
April 4-8
April 25-29
May 2-6
May 9-13

We only take 4 riders for ( you can bring your own horse or ride one of ours) each session and they do fill up quickly each year so plan ahead and book now. Go to  for more details and information.

If you register for the school and make a deposit before Dec 20th you will receive a 10% Holiday Discount.

Light Hands Horsemanship 2011

LHH is celebrating its 5th year.  We have bigger than ever plans for our guests. You can expect to see the same fab four horsemen, Dr. Robert Miller, Lester Buckley, Jon Ensign and Eitan . We have asked Jack Brainard and Richard Winters to return in 2011 and have added Sheila Varian, Dale Myler and Ernie Morris to our lineup of “the best.”  Rick Lamb of the Horse Show on RFD-TV will be our MC and one of our featured clinicians again this year.

Because this is our 5th anniversary we are honoring the California Vaquero so expect to see some of the best in the Vaquero Tradition present at LHH. Ron Miller will be back to entertain us and Los Olivios Market will keep us well fed. The famous and always hilarious and moving campfire panel will be returning. No telling what stories they will have cooked up for our guests. And of course the event would not be complete without our wonderful vendors. Look for most of them to return in 2011.

Our own LHH Clinician Jon Ensign was on the front cover of Western Horseman this last August/September. Inside was a great article by Jon. Jon is so talented and so deserves this honor.

Spalding-Labs and Fly Predators are our official sponsor once again for 2011. Tom Spalding has been with us since day one. It is because of his support and dedication that we are the event we are today!
Thank you, Tom!  

Our delightful and gracious host, Art Perry of Intrepid Farms will be on hand to welcome everyone and opens his private museum to all our guests. Did I mention the Museum Tours...there are three of them this year.

The website, is up and ready for sign ups and registration. Visit it for complete information. The dates are May 19-22, 2011 at Intrepid  Farms in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley in CA. Remember we only take a limited number of  guests so sign  up early so you don’t miss out! 

Register before March 15th and SAVE $$$$

Texas News

Bonnie Glasgow just got her 3rd Saddlebred.  She loves their intelligence and learning ability. Bonnie will be sending two of them to famed horseman Martin Black. Martin has a strong ranching background and is considered one of the best colt starters in the country. Saddlebreds are new to Martin having spent most of his time on the back of Quarter Horses.  Jack Brainard sent two of his Saddlebreds to Martin last year and Martin was pleasantly surprised at how easy they were to train and quick to learn.

Dianne Olds Rossi got to visit with Jack Brainard recently. She and her Friesian “Chewy” went to visit Jack after their clinics at the World Equestrian Games.  I wish I could have been there to hear some of their conversations.  Two legends from opposite sides of horsemanship that are so much the same…

Eitan will be doing a clinic in the Fort Worth area in Feb of 2011 at John and Georgie Green’s.

Please check website for more information.

Blue Fountain Farm Western Dressage Show

In October Lesley Deutsch of Blue Fountain Farm in Grass Valley, CA held its annual fall Dressage Show. Lesley contacted us about adding some western dressage classes because of the interest that had been expressed.  Lesley added the classes and they were a huge hit. There was a very good turn out and because of it Lesley now plans to have two Western Dressage Shows that will stand on their own next year! The show dates are June 4-5, and October 1-2, 2011 so mark your calendars now.

See clinics above for information.

Blue Fountain Farm Western Dressage Show

You can read and link to pictures from the show at:
For more information on Lesley and her Blue Fountain Farms see below:  Email  Ranch site

Jenna Rankin and Kasey Hoover Monty

Jenna Rankin

Kasey Hoover Monty

A while back in one of my newsletters I mentioned two very talented young ladies that Eitan and I felt had a great deal of promise and budding talent.  We predicted that they would rise to the top of the show horse industry.

Both these students of Eitan have ridden and participated in many clinics with him over the last 15 years. We consider them “family.”

At the 2009 Morgan World  Championships Jenna Rankin and her mother Kelley garnered the National Champion 3 yr. old Stallion and Gelding honor and later won the 3 yr. old World Championship and Reserve World Championship.

At this year’s 2010 Morgan World Championships Kasey Hoover Monty swept the 3 year old division winning the Futurity, National and World Titles. She went on to sweep the 4 yr. old National and World Titles as well.

We were so excited that Kasey chose our beautiful Meadowcreek Bay B Fe to be her own. We knew it would be a good match and the judges at OKC seemed to agree with us.

Jenna now has my lovely palomino mare, MEMC Neon in training. We look forward to the 2011 show season. From reports it sounds like Neon is really coming along nicely.

These two you horsewomen trained and managed these winners themselves. The set an example of what a true “students of the horse” can accomplish with style and excellent horsemanship.

Kudos to both you girls, we are so proud of you. Both Jenna and Kasey are accepting horses in training for the 2011 season. Both have covered arenas and access to trails.

Contact for Kelley and Jenna Rankin:
Contact for Kasey Hoover Monte:

Emily Johnson

Emily or “EM” as we affectionately called her came to us in 2004 from CO. She spent a year studying with Eitan.  Em had a love and passion for horses equal to Eitan’s.  This young girl has the work ethic, drive and determination you don’t often see in young people today. She is a delight and a professional.

Since Em left us to pursue a career of her own she has experienced much growth, become wiser and is someone Eitan and I are very proud of. We consider her a rare talent, one who marches to her own drummer and just plain talented.

Em is a true student of the horse, she studies under every good horseman/horsewoman she can get time with. She learns and she teaches……

Here is how to catch up with “Em”

Emily Johnson
Mountain Rose Horsemanship Training

Holiday DVD Sale-SAVE $$$$

We will be extending our Summer Savings on the purchase of all three of our DVD’s through the Holidays. Our Summer Sale will become our Holiday Sale.  By purchasing Eitan’s training manual, Understanding Horsemanship from the Inside Out, you save even more.

We would like to introduce two time Grammy Nominated Songwriter Mary Ann Kennedy who makes music from the heart about horses and the animals we love.

A dedicated Natural Horsemanship student herself, Mary Ann seems to express what we all feel in our hearts for our beloved horses and the life we all live with them. Through melody, rhythm and humor in song, this is music for horse lovers.  Ride to it... Listen to it... Sing along!

A portion of proceeds goes to Animal Rescue and Welfare Groups.

4 cds will be on sale 30% off from thanksgiving - Dec 31st  for great holiday savings !
Click to visit her website

Winning Foals of Santa Fe Renegade

We have been fortunate and all our Santa Fe Renegade foals have gone to great homes. Some have gone on to become trail and family horses and others have gone on to prestigious wins in the show ring. Below are some of his winning get. It has only been since 2008 that his foals entered the performance divisions so we are delighted with their accomplishments and wish to share them with you. If you have a Santa Fe foal and would like him up on our website please send me some pictures and information.

See our website at for future companions and champions that are available for purchase.

Meadowcreek  I’am a Renegade
Reserve World Champion 3 yr Old Western Pleasure 2009
Meadowcreek I'm A Renegade
Meadowcreek Bay B Fe
World Champion Western Pleasure 3 yr. Old 2010
National Champion Western Pleasure 3 yr. Old 2010
Meadowcreek Bay B Fe
Renegade Rose
2008 World Champion Hunter Pleasure Futurity
Renegade Rose
HP Yippe Ki-A
Morgan Medallion Regional Champion Jr. Western Pleasure 2010
4th World Championship Western Pleasure 4yr. Old
HP Yippie Ki-A
EV Santa Fe Patron
2008 4 Year Old World Champion Western Pleasure Top 10
EV Santa Fe's Patron
EV Santa Fe Special
National Champion Ladies Western Pleasure Gelding 2009
plus many Regional championships in 2009 as well
Artful Image
National Champion Western Pleasure 3 yr Old Mares 2008
3rd Western Pleasure 3 year old World Championships 2008
Artfull Image
Holiday Bonita Fe
2010 Regional In Hand Western Championship
Holiday Bonita Fe

Thank you to our Sponsors

A special thank you to all our sponsors for their support. We are only sponsored by products that we use and recommend. Eitan is a tough test and if he likes a product it has to be more than just good, it has to be the best!

A Very Special Thank You to Our World Equestrian Games Sponsors for Their  Support:

11-15-10 Eitan Update

Heeeees Back! Eitan rode for the first time since his hospitalization. It  was a beautiful day and he and Santa Fe worked in the arena. Later Indy and  I joined them for a trail ride. Eitan says, “it felt like coming home.” It was a good day.



Happy Trails to All and we wish you good health and happiness during the coming season.  

~Debbie and Eitan Beth-Halachmy


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