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Eitan's cat Baby Baby

Debbie's cat Punkin

The horses are our passion but our cats and dogs are our children. They run our lives, lack manners and are generally a pain in the behind. But we do love them. Poopin ( he named himself as that is all he did on our carpet for the first year), Poncho and Pepper are our hysterical trio. We call them “Da Wieners.” When I told Eitan I was going to get a Doxie he told me I better not bring one of those “sissy” dogs home. We know have three of them There is nothing more comforting than a long hair fluffy cat. Baby Baby, Eitan’s calico and Punkin my orange and white think they are royalty. I guess it is because we must treat them that way. These “little ones” bring us great joy and lots of laughter.

Happy Trails
Deb & Eitan



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