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"The Genesis of Cowboy Dressage"
by Dan Kemp
The Equestrian Connection Magazine
October 2013

2014 Morgan Show Record
By Debbie Beth-Halachmy and Wyatt Paxton

Dear Friends of Cowboy Dressage® World

April, 2016

Greetings from Cowboy Dressage® and Cowboy Dressage® World

Great things are happening with Cowboy Dressage® World. It is amazing what can be accomplished when such a rewarding vision becomes a reality. Here are just a few of the things that are new for you in 2016. We are very excited and very proud of our growth and development over the last four years.
Stormwalker Ranch has been instrumental in much of our recent growth and development. Kudos and a big Thank You to them for believing in Cowboy Dressage and helping us move forward.
Here we go, the list is long but it is all for you so take it all in and be a part of the future of Cowboy Dressage.

“Mission and Vision Statement of the Cowboy Dressage® World”

“Mission and Vision Statement of the Cowboy Dressage® World”
Lifestyle, Training Philosophy and Competitive Discipline

Soft Feel is the mission and guiding principle of Cowboy Dressage®.  It is a wordless, intimate and for some a spiritual communication within the partnership between horse and rider. Soft feel is not only sending messages but having the sensitivity and awareness to feel and receive messages sent by the horse. The timing and use of the release, relaxation, preparation and execution are the fundamentals of Soft Feel.

The competitive discipline of Cowboy Dressage® uses a uniquely designed court, on which the horse and rider execute “tests” prescribed through advancing levels of difficulty. Judges score these tests based on the horse and rider’s quality of performance as they advance through these defined levels.  Judges also score the horse and rider on lightness, harmony, finesse and the partnership expected as well as balance, cadence, carriage, control, and performance. ©

For more information go to

A grassroots movement within the horse industry suggests many of us yearn for the “good ol’ days” when a handshake and a person’s word was his bond. It is a code of honor still practiced by some horsemen and horsewomen today. Yet for most folks, a contract is regarded as a necessary tool of doing business. An entire generation is missing the feeling of pride of being known as a person whose handshake and word is as reliable and ironclad as a written legal document.

Cowboy Dressage® is growing nationally and internationally. We are humbled by the enthusiasm it is generating and its enormous projected influence on the equine community.  Such rapid expansion, while exciting, also places our sense of being a close-knit community and our grassroots identity in jeopardy. And while no formal Cowboy Dressage organization currently exists, we believe we need a meaningful gesture that signifies our commitment to our shared values, vision and to one another.

Cowboy Dressage® World Handshake

Take it now and become a member. Your “word” is your membership.

No annual fees or group passwords are required for Cowboy Dressage® World membership, but we do have expectations of ourselves and of you:

With our Handshake and our Word we Promise to:

~ continue to educate and teach as much as possible in all formats.

~ keep Cowboy Dressage simple and uncomplicated.

~ provide tests, rules and information to everyone who wishes to show

~ support and educate individuals outside the show ring who want to learn and improve
as horsemen and -women.

~ strive to maintain Cowboy Dressage as a grassroots, community-focused movement.

~ ensure Cowboy Dressage is accessible to everyone regardless of their income or status within the horse world. Whether they show, trail ride, barrel race, cut, rein or just love horses, this will be a place they can hang their hats and be proud.

~ and most of all, to look for “the try” in you, the Cowboy Dressage® World members.

With your handshake and your word, you pledge “to try” to:

~ become the person others can trust with a handshake and your word.

~ exemplify the Cowboy Dressage way of life and find the courage to chase your dreams.

~ not allow defeat when faced with setbacks in your life and your horsemanship.

~ treat all horses and people with integrity and kindness.

~ look for “the try” in your horses and always reward them.

~ look for “the try” in people as you travel down your horsemanship path.

With your handshake and word you become a member of Cowboy Dressage® World.
We Ride Together With You.

Debbie and Eitan Beth-Halachmy, Lyn Moe, Wyatt Paxton and Garn Walker

Click Here to Join now!

Cowboy Dressage® eLearning

Want to Learn Cowboy Dressage?
Lessons and Instructions as Close as Your Computer.
Join, Learn, Ride!

The Cowboy Dressage® revolution is sweeping the nation and the world. The foundational principals of soft-feel and partnership set Cowboy Dressage® apart in both style and quality. As with any discipline, it takes practice to improve. This 24-7, online Cowboy Dressage® video training will give you a tremendous leg up into the saddle of competition and lifestyle. Join today and begin your journey to fun and accomplishment!

Cowboy Dressage® World Professional Association

When we set about forming this organization (CDWPA), we did so at the request of many professional members who were concerned about maintaining consistency and continuity in the teaching/judging of Cowboy Dressage.  This organization is set up to support and further educate our dedicated Cowboy Dressage® professionals, and to protect them from others who are indiscriminate in using the name of Cowboy Dressage to further their own businesses.  By uniting as a group, we can set and maintain standards for educating, negotiate lower fees on things such as insurance, etc., and offer educational opportunities geared toward our professionals who then can pass on the education to their local audience.

We strive to make the Cowboy Dressage® Professionals one of the most well-educated and well-supported group of Professionals in the Equine industry. 

The Cowboy Dressage® World Professional Association evaluates, manages, educates and, when deemed appropriate, officially “recognizes” judges and clinicians on behalf of the official Cowboy Dressage® World organization.

Individuals may apply for membership in the Professional Association and seek to be officially “recognized” as a Cowboy Dressage® Judge and/or Clinician/Educator (4 levels) . Achieving official “recognition” will afford you a number of perks and privileges, reserved specifically and solely for these designations.

Joining the Association affords individuals the opportunity to be evaluated by the Association towards the goal of producing Judges, Clinicians/Educators of the highest quality and professionalism. This evaluation and possible “recognition” is restricted to Association Members only.

The CDWPA (Cowboy Dressage® World Professional Association) has been formed to provide further education, guidance, and support to Cowboy Dressage® professionals. Through education, Cowboy Dressage® World Partners hope to build a community of professionals who can provide consistency throughout their educational methods who support the concepts of “Soft Feel”, “Keeping the Try”, and “The Cowboy Dressage® Handshake”. “Recognized” CDWPA Members understand that the philosophies and concepts presented in Cowboy Dressage® can only be maintained for future generations by building a community of “like-minded” individuals who are willing to stay true to the vision and mission of Cowboy Dressage®.

CDWPA Members will be encouraged to both Intern and Mentor as part of this program. Members will also be expected to volunteer their time for furthering the education of the Cowboy Dressage® community. It is our goal to achieve a unique group of professional’s unlike any in the equine industry, professionals who are dedicated, community-minded, and always trying to better the general understanding of Cowboy Dressage®: Soft Feel, Partnership and Harmony between horse and rider, while maintaining the qualities of the Cowboy Dressage® “Handshake”.

Cowboy Dressage® World North America

In conjunction with Cowboy Dressage® World, CDWNA is the newly formed association that has been created to assist the States and Regions of North America in the development of Cowboy Dressage®. CDWNA will assist you to grow Cowboy Dressage® in your area, by:

  • Provides Guidance in setting up Official State organizations
  • Provides Legal Structure for the groups and events
  • Provides Financial Structure and Accountability for the groups and events
  • Provides Liability coverage
  • National, Regional and State-level website
  • Event Marketing and support
  • Online eCommerce for Events
  • Governs Practices and Procedures to assure consistent application fo CD principles.
  • Provide national CD and CDW information, Educational opportunities

Cowboy Dressage® World goes Wild!

Wild West Spring Show and Clinics


Lead by the Partners of Cowboy Dressage® World, this five-day Professional workshop is a must attend for anyone seeking to become a CDWPA "Recognized" Judge or Clinician/Educator.
Gathering and Horse Show to follow.

Cowboy Dressage® World North West

August 2016 Bend, OR

Lead by the Partners of Cowboy Dressage® World, this five-day Professional workshop is a must attend for anyone seeking to become a CDWPA "Recognized" Judge or Clinician/Educator. Gathering and Horse Show to follow.

Cowboy Dressage® World Judging Program

Judges by far have the largest impact and shape the future of Cowboy Dressage®.  Riders will return from a Cowboy Dressage show and take to heart the judge’s comments on their score sheet.  Judges have a tremendous responsibility, so Cowboy Dressage® World is very selective about giving any judge “Recommended” status.  The judge is not only judging a class, but also providing constructive feedback as a guide for the horse’s future training in Cowboy Dressage. A Cowboy Dressage Judge must recognize the “try” exhibited by each rider and always try to help the rider build their horsemanship and never ever take the “try” out of the rider. It is all about positive judging and providing the rider with a “welcoming” experience.

For those of you who wish to become a Cowboy Dressage® Judge the Cowboy Dressage® Judging Program is for you. We train and support our judges 100%.

Visit or contact Lyn Ringrose Moe (who heads our judging program)

Cowboy Dressage® Song by Mary Ann Kennedy

“The song is beautiful and describes exactly what CD is all about.” 
A must listen.  Music and Song by Grammy Nominee Mary Ann Kennedy.

Listen and order the download here:





Cowboy Dressage® and Martina Bone Take on the World in 2016

Verona Italy, April 16-17th. With Bina Sigl!

Northern Germany: April 2-3 Contact Sonja Witschel

Austria: April 9-10 Contact Karen Ziegler

Southern Germany: April 22-24 Contact Bina Sigl or Barbara Wagner

Lesley Deutsch Brings Cowboy Dressage® to Scotland

May 15, The Meadows Livery,  Saint Andrews, Scotland
Contact Lesley Deutsch at:

Lyn Ringrose Moe is the Cowboy Dressage® World
Canadian Connection

Check with Lyn for more Canadian Cowboy Dressage® Clinics
and her Fabulous Cowboy Dressage® Boot Camps for Professionals and Judges.

Cowboy Dressage®, Eitan and Assistant Wyatt Paxton
Clinic Tours- Europe in 2016

Eitan and his assistant Wyatt Paxton will be in the following European Countries in 2016. Please check back as additional countries are being added and confirmed. Locations and details to be announced.

UK - Oct 14-16  ( for information contact Lisa Bruin:

Poland -Oct 21-23 (for more information contact: Viktoria

Austria -Oct 26/27 (private clinic)

Germany/Austria -Oct 28-30 Sabina Sigl:

Verona, Italy Horse Expo - Nov 10-13 Sabina Sigl:

For more information contact Sabina Sigl:

Wyatt Paxton joins Cowboy Dressage® World

We are pleased to announce that Wyatt Paxton has become a partner in Cowboy Dressage® World. Wyatt has been a longtime supporter and “go to” person for Cowboy Dressage® World. He has worked tirelessly purely because he believed in the mission and vision of Cowboy Dressage. We felt it was time to make him an “official partner” as he had been with us all along. Welcome Wyatt!!!










2016 Gathering and Finals

After much thought and consideration we decided to move our Gathering and Finals show to another date. In 2016 the event will be held Sept 8-11 at Murieta Equestrian Center in Rancho Murieta, CA ( near Sacramento) This is the same location but better dates. By moving the Gathering and Finals to a summer date we will have extended daylight and warmer days. With the growth of our event  we anticipate the need of  additional arenas over the four days. With the sunshine we can use the uncovered arenas as needed. One of the most important things is this  time of year has much safer travel conditions for those traveling over the mountain passes to join us.

The new Murieta Equestrian Center Hotel is supposed to be done by our event dates so be sure to check the new accommodations out. I hear that there will be a pool and spa!!!

At this time it is our plan to make Wed Sept 10th an “all educational day.” There  will be a full line up of clinics and lectures. Because we are so dedicated to “you” and  “your”  education we felt that a full day for all of you was in order. So plan to arrive early and join us. Topics and speakers to be announced soon. There will also be an open general meeting for everyone interested in Cowboy Dressage and you will be able to find out what the latest news is.

As a “heads up” there will be a cutting show going on the same time as our Gathering and Finals. They will be in the lower cutting arena and the lower stalling and RV section. That is the plan….but we encourage you to get your hotel and  RV reservations in early.

Entries and premium will be posted at in early July. (maybe even sooner).  Please get those in on time…..the office will really appreciate it.

It will be a “rocking” event  with clinics, lectures, silent auction, raffles, vendors, CDW drill team  and lots of  showcased  talent  during the awards ceremony.
See you there!!!

Top Hand 2016

To say Top Hand was a big success is an understatement. You could hear a pin drop in the final top 5 competition.  There were 33 competitors from all over the western US, Australia and the UK. Guests came from Canada and Austria as well. It was an international event! We feel we are really on to something big with this event. The level of horsemanship is unequalled. This event is where a horseman or horsewoman brings years of experience and wisdom to compete.  It is a test of “partnership,”  “skill,” “ experience” and nerves of steel.

Each rider will ride the Challenge w/j/l test #2 as a qualifier on Thursday. The top ten will be announced and then the top 5 will ride a mystery test on Sat pm.  Following the mystery test they will switch horses and ride the same test.  Not easy and true test of “partnering up.” 50% of the score is soft feel and  partnership.

In 2016  we will be opening a new  Amateur  Division. The Amateurs will not have to switch horses.
This event is open to the public so bring your friends and join us. You will love it!
More details to follow and the entries will be up with the Gathering and Finals premium.

Cowboy Dressage® World welcomes new Sponsorship Heads

The demands and needs of Cowboy Dressage® World continue to grow.  Once what was just an “idea” is now a major movement worldwide. We would like to introduce you to JoAnne Gillespie and Rachel Royce. You may be hearing from them in the future. JoAnne and Rachel have taken on the daunting task of fund  raising for our Gathering and Finals Show. These are brave girls and highly qualified professionals. We are so pleased and fortunate to have them on our team. For sponsorship information go to or contact:

JoAnn Gillespie
(925) 699-3996

Garn Walker joins Stormwalker Ranch

Announcing an unprecedented new partnership between Garn Walker Stables (GWS) and Stormwalker Ranch, Inc. (SWR). Stormwalker Ranch welcomes world-champion horse trainer, judge and Cowboy Dressage® World principal, Garn Walker, as Executive Director. A place of peace located in the beautiful Oklahoma prairie, north of Bartlesville, Stormwalker Ranch is about “Helping Horses Help People

“Stormwalker Ranch is proud to be looking to the future as we seek to use Garn and the SWR staff in the implementation of Cowboy Dressage clinics, private lessons and personalized clinics, local and regional shows. Most importantly, we will be living the western lifestyle the promotion of Soft Feel, Harmony, and Partnership in the lives of the horses and people each day.”

Congratulations to Garn, Melissa and all those at Stormwalker…. the dream team has arrived!!

Closing Thoughts

It has always been our goal to have as few rules as possible. The topic of showing 3 year olds under saddle is an issue that keeps coming up. In a world of high end competition, futurities and high dollar pay outs the horses often suffers.

Because Cowboy Dressage does honor the horse here is what we wish from our exhibitors. Choose the moral high ground. Do what is best for your horse. The walk/jog divisions, walk/ jog/ lope #1 and #2 and partnership tests are appropriate for a young horses. The more advanced tests are not.
Be patient, be kind, be thoughtful. Your horse will thank you.

Happy Trails Dear Friends,
Deb, Eitan, Lyn, Garn and Wyatt

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Eitan Retires from Public Training 2009 Eitan has retired from public training. He will no longer be accepting outside horses. He continues to train his own horses, make DVD's, do clinics, equine expos and Light Hands Horsemanship.



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