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RETIREMENT…WHAT RETIREMENT? When we closed our doors last fall and no longer were going to train for the public we thought our lives would slow down…what were we thinking…we must of been dreaming! I think we just filled that opening with new directions and interests. With the Cowboy Dressage School of Horsemanship, the Light Hands Horsemanship, Cowboy Dressage in Texas and accumulating video projects growing and expanding we continue to find ourselves running at warp speed. We are enjoying every minute of it and having the time of our lives.

I am riding more than ever. I am getting a chance to enjoy my beloved palomino Morgans. They are the light of my life. They bring me great joy. Eitan continues to take his own horses to new levels. He has become a constant student, studying and learning more than ever. He says he has learned more about horses and horsemanship in the last 10 years than all his years preceding.

It is a grand life and we welcome you and your horses to share it with us.


Eitan and famed Texas horseman Jack Brainard have joined forces to bring you two Cowboy Dressage Clinics this fall in Whitesboro, TX. The dates for these clinics are Oct 28 - Nov 1 and Nov 11- 15. Twelve riders will be accepted and auditors are welcome. These promise to be quite a week of horsemanship. Eitan will be bringing Santa Fe Renegade and Indigo Gold. Don‘t miss out and sign up early. Contact Bonnie Glasglow at: or 214-707-1873.

We do not want to be the biggest…just the best!!

LIGHT HANDS HORSEMANSHIP 2009 (and 2010) was another memorable event. This year saw LHH at it‘s very best. The clinicians were united in their efforts to share and teach their own areas of expertise. Past LHH events have been excellent but this years was truly magical. It was with out a doubt our strongest presentation. Look for it to be even better in 2010.

There were some new additions this year to the all-star line up of horsemen. Jack Brainard joined the event as our guest clinician. He is a the horsemen‘s horseman. He is a grand storyteller as well so anytime he had the microphone all were on the edge of their seats and eager to hear his words of wisdom and shared humor.

LHH 2010 promises to be even better. Work is well under way for next year‘s event. In 2010 Jack Brainard will return and Richard Winters winner of the 2009 Road to the Horse will be joining us for a weekend of high-powered horsemanship. The event will be 3 full days allowing for more time with the clinicians and shorter days. The days were long and full this last May and we are afraid we wore some people out! New dates are also in order for 2010 so be sure to mark them down. The dates are May 20-23, 2010.

The western dream magazine, Cowboys and Indians was present at LHH for the weekend. Look for an article in one of their up coming winter 2010 issues. This is a great honor and we are especially excited, as Elizabeth Kay McCall will be writing this article. She is a kindred spirit and a true lover of the horse.

The LHH website has a new —blog“ We did this to help everyone keep in touch. Please visit this blog and if you have been to LHH we would appreciate any comments. In the future this blog will also help those looking to share hotel rooms and rides and answer questions that you may have. Visit for link.

We have also started to update the LHH site for 2010 so visit frequently and stay tuned. Look for more changes and additions to next year‘s program and yes….the Campfire and Tall Tales will return!!

POETRY IN MOTION is now available at This recent release from Eitan Beth-Halachmy has set a new standard in equine education. Eitan has taken equine anatomy and footfalls/cadence and made it simple to understand. Once you see this DVD you will ride with a whole new —enlightenment.“ Eitan says, —it will change the way your ride your horse.“ It is a must have for any serious horseman or horsewoman. You will not be disappointed in it‘s content and it is education friendly with a menu and chapters for easier studying. This DVD also features Dr. Robert M Miller and Jack Brainard.

Look for a second in this series in spring of 2010 that will cover the correct timing of cues in relation to footfalls and cadence. This future DVD will also feature Jack Brainard once again.

WESTERN STATES HORSE EXPO. Eitan was once again invited to be a clinician at the 2009 Western States Horse Expo. This year as in the years past it was an excellent event with record numbers. If there is a recession going on you could not see any signs of it at the expo. We were very busy meeting new friend and reconnecting with old. If you have not been to this Expo we encourage you to do so…it is a premier west coast equine event!! Visit for information on 2010 expo.

Dr. Robert M. Miller will have a new DVD out in the near future. Work is in progress and it promises to be a fabulous video with some of Dr. Millers most sought after information. Eitan is honored to be producing this much-anticipated DVD. Watch for announcements and updates.

Pat and Eitan A Visit at the Parelli Ranch in Pagosa Springs, CO was a highlight for us this summer. We have been admires of Pat and Linda and looked forward to sharing some time with them at their BEAUTIFUL Parelli Center in CO. Debby and Bob Miller, long time friends of the Parelli‘s joined us and a fabulous time was had by all. Too say we were impressed during our visit would be an understatement. Pat and Linda are a remarkable couple who have been a gift to the horse industry. They are gracious hosts and that Linda can really cook a meal!! We enjoyed breathtaking scenery, good conversation, lots of laughs and went on a mini —cattle drive.“


—WESTERN DRESSAGE“ is making it‘s mark as the new and upcoming equestrian division. We expect this —concept“ to take off as we are getting a huge and positive response from across the country. This division is not breed specific but for every horse and any breed. If you have an interest in this please contact me for details. There are rules, specs and test available now. Visit for details and information. You can also email me for them at This is a work in progress so hang in there. We will work on improving the division with new ideas and concepts as they arise. If your shows do not have this as part of their class schedule tell them about it…the tests are similar to the dressage tests but rewritten for the western horse and rider. They are judged by the dressage judge. Jewels Adams of Futurity Farms is available for clinics. She can show you how to ride the tests and help you understand what is needed. You can contact her at 530-268-3693 or 530-277-0141. You can also contact Ellen DiBella at and Kelly Denison at: If you are behind this new and exciting idea please send emails of support to myself or Ellen or Kelly that we can forward to USEF and USDF. Thank You.

Right now Western Dressage is approved by USEF for Morgan Shows as Miscellaneous Classes and must be listed in the show prize list in the miscellaneous section…not in the Dressage Section. If you are not a USEF or USDF recognized show you can incorporate these classes into your event as you wish.

This division is pending approval by USEF at the Morgan Breed Shows. Headway is being made to have it approved by USDF. It is our goal to have this division fully approved for all breeds under USEF and USDF. These classes can easily be held at your shows. For information on how to go about that please contact Ellen DiBella at or Kelly Denison at:

Western Dressage is Fun and good for both horse and rider. Become a part of the journey!!

DIANNE OLDS ROSSI has a new DVD that was just released this spring. If you don‘t know of Dianne she is in our opinion one of the world‘s best horsewomen and no one entertains like Dianne does. Her new DVD features her and her beautiful Frisian Stallion, Fire Magic. This video was a joint collaboration between Dianne and Eitan. It is beautifully done and the horsemanship is unsurpassed. It is something the whole —horsy family“ can enjoy. Find out more at


Oasis Yearling filly


RENEGADE. We have two outstanding individuals that we have advertised on our website. Both are fillies and both are black and by the incomparable Santa Fe Renegade. Oasis is a beautiful three-year-old mare that is very well started and ready for the western pleasure division. The other is a yearling filly that is a knock out and World Futurity Nominated. Both are exceptional and promising. You can find out more about both these fine young mares on our sales page at

COWBOY DRESSAGE SCHOOL OF HORSEMANSHIP 2010 classes are now posted on our website.

Because of the demand we will be accepting horse and riders for two 5-day sessions Jan œ April and one session in May of 2010. All who have attended this school have been excited and overwhelmed with what they learned. It is a shared experience with in depth horsemanship. Slots are limited and filling fast. If you are thinking of attending a session please contact me for availability. Information, dates and registration is available on our website at

Pachita Fe Bontia Fe Bay B Fe

CONGRATULATIONS to Dianne Lents of Rancho Santa Fe, CA on the purchase of Holiday Bonita Fe and Holiday Pachita Fe. We wish Dianne and trainer Nicole Johnson much joy and a bright future with these two full sisters by Santa Fe Renegade and Lighthouse Bonnie. Both mares are lovely buckskins and we couldn‘t be happier with their new home and trainer.

We also wish to Congratulate Sandra Nelson of Madison Avenue Morgans, CA on her purchase of the beautiful young stallion Meadowcreek Bay B Fe. He is a 2-year-old bay colt by Santa Fe Renegade and out of a lovely daughter of WH Zimbabwe. He was bred by Beverly Blake in Grass Valley, CA. BBF will be going to Jenny and Earl McFall of Dragonfire Farms, CA and we wish them the very best with this talented and beautiful young colt. You can‘t beat his breeding so we anticipate a great future for him.

EITAN‘S NEW HORSE. Eitan has been on a long search for a new Cowboy Dressage Horse. It had to be something exceptional, beautiful, charismatic and talented. He feels he may of found that —special horse. “ It is a Golden Palomino with 4 white socks and blaze. He is a 3 yr old American Saddlebred stallion and simply stunning!! We have high hopes for this horse. He has some big shoes to fill with the likes of Holiday Compadre, Galahad‘s Golden Warrior and Santa Fe Renegade who came before him. We expect this new addition to arrive in about a month. He is now in the capable hands of Carmella Menolasino at Day Break Farms in IL where he will be getting some basic schooling before heading home to Wolf Creek Ranch. Watch for future pictures and updates on this exciting new horse.

Eitan‘s Golden Palomino Morgan, Indigo Gold has become quite a horse. It was a long journey for both Eitan and —Indy“ but the time and discipline has been well worth it. Look for Indy as one of Eitan‘s major clinic horses in 2010. Santa Fe Renegade will still be in the spotlight and standing at stud in 2010 as well.


MILLERS GET FIRST MORGAN! Debby and Dr. Bob Miller just got their first Morgan mare. Debby had been on a long time search for a small a lovely Morgan Mare. She found that —dream horse“ at Ellen DiBella‘s Suntime Morgans in Parker, CO. Debby‘s new mare is Treob‘s B Exquisite, bred by Teri Personeni of Grass Valley, Ca. Bea is 14 hands of golden beauty and a disposition to match. As a bonus she is a very gold palomino and a granddaughter of the great Holiday Compadre. Bea is now in training with Dawn Batti at the Batti Ranch in Lincoln, CA. Bea will learn the Parelli games and go on to saddle training. Debby will be taking Eitan‘s Cowboy Dressage School of Horsemanship early winter and hopes to ride Bea there.

HOLIDAY COMPADRE turned 22 this year. This last June we were able to visit him at Ellen DiBella‘s where he is retired in Parker, CO. Compadre looks wonderful. He continues to amaze us with his charisma and proud Morgan looks. He still thinks he is king of all he sees and according to Ellen he is. Compadre enjoys his own large green pasture in the summer and a cozy heated stall in the winter. But most of all he enjoys his own private band of broodmares. Life is good and well deserved for this great Morgan Horse.


We wish to extend well wishes to Jon Ensign of Jon Ensign Horsemanship who is one of the original clinicians in our Light Hands Horsemanship group. It seems Jon broke his leg, he is not saying if it was a horse related accident.

We are also so pleased to hear that our LHH MC Rick and Diana Lamb‘s son is home and making a remarkable recovery. It was first thought that their son Todd had a brain tumor. After a successful surgery to remove the tumor it was discovered that the tumor was benign… great news and we are all so relieved with such good news.

We wish to extend GET WELL WISHES  to Linda Parelli who took a spill with her horse. Her horse is ok but Linda has a few broken ribs but with "stall rest" will be good as new and back in the saddle before you know it. Like Jon Ensign she will be spending more time at her computer!

We wish you all good health and may all your —trails be happy ones.“

Until we meet again,

    Debbie and Eitan


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