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March 2009

Happy Trails to all our friends in 2009 Deb and 8

Eitan Retires from Public Training 2009

Eitan has retired from public training. He will no longer be accepting outside horses. He continues to train his own horses, make DVD's, do clinics, equine expos and Light Hands Horsemanship. His Cowboy Dressage School of Horsemanship is a big hit and has been full for each yearly session. He plans to continue with this school and encourages riders to contact him if interested. Although retired he is still very busy, on the road and often found in front of his computer working on his latest video production.

Eitan has a number of his own young horses that show promise and talent. He continues to train them and may even show them in the future. He will have young started horses and young prospects for sale as well.

Fire Run Farm Clinic Huge Success

Santa Fe Renegade, Debbie, Eitan and their three wiener dogs made the trip to Snohomish, WA were Eitan put on a Cowboy Dressage Clinic, Feb 27 – March 1, for Teri and Kurt Rumen’s of Fire Run Farm. The clinic was well filled with good horses and riders. Much was learned and shared over the three day event.

On Saturday night Fire Run was open to the public. It was very well attended with over 200 people gathering to enjoy music and food. Fire Run’s Presentation of their World Champion Morgan Horses was a visual delight and Eitan and Santa Fe Renegade also entertained the crowed with their musical freestyle and Eitan’s humorous stories.

Look for another clinic the same time next year.

Light Hands Horsemanship 2009

LHH III promises to be the best yet. Work on the LHH event May 29-31 2009 is well underway. It is once again being held at Art Perry’s beautiful Intrepid Farms in Santa Ynez, CA. This is becoming a landmark event & with each year it grows in popularity. Don’t miss out this year. Visit for details.

Book Early and Save!!

Article on LHH by Debbie Beth-Halachmy

Light Hands Horsemanship...the ultimate in "how to" horsemanship. You are invited to attend “An Adventure in Lightness” This popular event celebrates it’s third year at Intrepid Farms in the beautiful Santa Ynez, Valley near the Southern California coast, just north east of Santa Barbara. Once again excellent horsemen will demonstrate their training techniques, and training exercises to use on the horse at all stages of their ability.

This is a fabulous opportunity for all horsemen to observe the complete training of the horse from A-Z. From the colts first ride to the finished horse. Horses will be schooled in the beginning work, then on to the introductory stages, then on to the advanced work followed by the finishing work. Good horsemen will work with the horses through the various stages of training and viewers will receive in-depth instruction on proper training of the performance horse.

Light Hands Horsemanship is a new and unique concept when it comes to horsemanship education and it’s presentation. During the lectures and demonstrations the viewers are enriched by not one but five outstanding and well-respected horsemen. They are taken on a journey from the early learning of the horse through the training of the advanced horse. Each of the horsemen has their own style and techniques but they all agree and come together on one point, Lightness. Lightness is their cornerstone.

After attending last year’s event famed Texas Horseman Jack Brainard said it best.. “Light Hands Horsemanship is probably the most comprehensive two day clinic in America. A fabulous learning experience.”

The group of horsemen that will be sharing their expertise with you is impressive. Dr. Robert Miller, Jon Ensign, Lester Buckley, Eitan Beth-Halachmy, Jack Brainard are this years line up of clinicians. They are all dedicated horsemen who are on a constant quest to improve the life of horse and rider through education. Not only are training techniques shared but lots of wisdom and humor that can only come with time and experience. Author and host of “The Horse Show” on RFD-TV Rick Lamb will be the event emcee again this year.

Jon Ensign says that light hands offers the ability "to reach the horse's body through his mind; it's a greeting of sorts, a handshake of the heart."

Eitan Beth-Halachmy of Cowboy Dressage fame further explains lightness. "When a horse is taught to balance himself and not rely on the rider's hands to hold him in frame, lightness occurs." Light hands, he says, represents the highest achievement between horse and rider.

Every detail has been attended too for the weekend. The setting is beautiful, a private estate, green grass, white board fencing, shade trees and ocean breezes. A chuck wagon all the way from New Mexico will be feeding the guests with authentic chuck wagon meals. There is entertainment in the evenings after dinner and select vendors for those that love to shop. Besides the in depth learning experience the guests will have a chance to be “up close and personal” with all the clinicians. And don’t forget the three fabulous museum tours that are offered on Friday. Although this is an auditor’s clinic we at Light Hands prefer to think of everyone as our “guests.” All you have to do is come prepared to relax, learn, share and enjoy. We guarantee that you will be inspired.

For more information on this event go to :  or email 

NEW DVD by Eitan Now Available

Poetry In Motion

Understanding the Horse From the Inside Out

First in a series 40 minutes

$45 plus s/h Visit for ordering information.

Poetry in Motion Understanding the Horse From the Inside Out

I have met many good horsemen in my life. Among them one who stands out in particular is Eitan Beth-Halachmy of Wolf Creek Ranch in Grass Valley, California. He is the originator of “Cowboy Dressage” and his video; “Dances With Cows” is a thing of beauty that will thrill any horseman.

Now Eitan has produced and narrated a new video that is a work of art, but, more important, a work of tremendous value to any rider.

Titled “Poetry In Motion” Understanding the Horse From the Inside Out, and available from, it is a masterful but easily understood analysis of the equine anatomy and how it affects the movement of the horse. Additionally, there is a section on footfall during the various gaits of the horse.

Beautifully illustrated with videography and animation, this video will help any serious rider, regardless of whether they are expert or relatively novice, to understand how they can get the most out of their mount.

Eitan rides in the video, and so does Jack Brainard. Two masters of horsemanship for the price on one video.

Robert M. Miller DVM

There are videos and then there are videos and I have seen hundreds of them, but none like this one------ If you would like to ride a better horse, here is the place to start. Step by step with the best horseman I know. It's the best investment in the horse industry. You can't show me a video comparable.------ Jack Brainard


Work on the Western Dressage Division and Classes is underway. Final details, descriptions and clarifications are being addressed and refined. The classes will be offered this year (2009) at Morgan Shows but not yet recognized by USEF. After 2009 it is our hope that it will be an official Morgan Division and recognized by USEF. Look for the division to grow and it is again our hope that this will eventually be a fully recognized division by USEF for all breeds.

Western Dressage Division

The Western Dressage classes would offer a place for the western rider and horse to improve them selves as individuals and as partners through the use and discipline of dressage. By using dressage principles the western rider will help their horse in multiple ways such as cadence, balance and carriage to name a few. The use of dressage will help the western horse to again work off his rear end allowing for lightness in the front end with a more natural head set. Dressage itself will also help greatly to maintain the soundness of the horse for many years.

If you are a dressage rider none of this is new, but too many western riders these teaching have been out of reach or practice for them. It is a "comfort zone" many in the past have felt that "western" is not a part of. We feel that the time is right to open the dressage doors to the western division. The competitive bar will be raised as well as the personal satisfaction in knowing that "good " is being done for both horse and rider. These classes will also offer a place where the western rider can compete on a scoring system that allows them to move "up" at their own level. It is not just a competitive format but an educational one as well.

The WD classes also give a mature western horse (5 and over) a place to be re-schooled with the use of a snaffle. It is also a good entry level for individuals who wish to learn to ride and show and riders returning to competition. Plus it educates!!!

It is not the goal of the WD classes to use Dressage Horses under western tack. It is the goal of the WD to maintain the integrity of the western horse and western traditions through the use of dressage. This is very important. A western horse moves different, WD can just help it move "better"

WD is all about being the best western horse and rider you can be...

Dressage is not about the outfit or the tack is about the horse (face it, we are all riding the same animal) and if the western public wants to participate lets give them the opportunity. The rider wins, the horse wins and the show industry wins as well.

If you are interested in these classes for your show please contact Kelly Denison at  or Ellen DiBella at  303-841-5210. This information is available for all breeds.

Division & Class descriptions & clarifications to be available at  and  websites by April 1, 2009.

EBH Consulting opens in March 2009. For those of you who wish to take advantage of Eitan's time, knowledge and expertise he now offers a consulting service. This service will allow those that need his evaluation or recommendations on performance and pleasure horses easily available. You can make appointments with him during shows, clinics,

expos and at your farm or ranch. We encourage you to make the appointments well ahead of time when possible.

Just a few of the areas in any discipline that Eitan can offer help are, self-carriage, cadence, movement, balance, training techniques and strategy's, performance problem solving, conditioning and supplying exercises and the use of dressage to improve the horse.

Visit  for more information.

Jenna Rankin and Kasey Hoover Monty

receive accolades from Eitan and Debbie and Cowboy Dressage.

In our career we were fortunate to have won many good classes and ribbons. There was always so much more to us than just the wins and the ribbons though. The young people who came to study with Eitan have been our grandest achievement. They surpass all that we have accomplished in our equine career. Most have been talented and dedicated young horse people. Eitan was never easy on them and his standards were high and extremely demanding. Lots of long hot or extremely cold, frustrating days were spent by these students. Many would of faltered but a select few rose to the demands set and their determination and commitment to learn drove them on. Like Eitan, the short easy way was not for them.

While all of our students have been exceptional there are two wonderfully talented ladies who have earned some special recognition. Jenna Rankin and Kasey Hoover Monty. These two are young remarkable talents. They not only have the "gift" but a strong sense of integrity and a true love for the horses. They still have many more miles to ride in their horsemanship journey but they show exceptional promise.

When you are fortunate enough to see these ladies work or show horses, do not look just take into account the ribbons they win, look at their hands, how they use them, their timing, their seat, the carriage and movement of their horses. They are our grand award for the time spent in this profession. To leave behind such ladies is comforting. We feel they will make a huge contribution to the horse world as they grow and mature in their horsemanship journey. It is a lifetime quest but these two are up to it.

Thank you Jenna and Kasey for being part of our world. Deb and 8

(If you have any questions please contact us about any others who may claim endorsement or schooling with Eitan)

Texas 2009 - Eitan and Legendary Horseman Jack Brainard together in Texas.

With encouragement from friends Kathy and Jack Brainard we have been visiting the Grainesville, Texas area. Needless to say we fell in love with it. It is all about horses and horsemanship and the western lifestyle. Food is great and the people even better.

In fall of 2009 Eitan, Debbie, horses and dogs will be staying at the Brainard’s guest ranch in Whitesboro, TX. Tentative dates are Mid Oct thru Mid Dec.

Eitan and Jack will be developing their Cowboy Dressage for future videos, clinics & presentations. They both expect to share a lot of time in the saddle while sharing knowledge and wisdom.

Lessons and clinics are a possibility. Please call or email for information and or questions. /530-346-2715.

Cowboy Dressage School of Horsemanship Full for 2009.

Thank you to all our students!!!

Visit  for more information on classes and costs. Watch website for 2010 dates and details.

AMHA Convention Farm Tour 2009

Santa Fe Renegade and Guests

Connor Chaffin AMHA President Cindy Mugnier

Bonita Fe Pachita Fe

Morgan Sale Horses

We have two lovely dark buckskin fillies for sale. A yearling and two year old. Both are by Santa Fe Renegade out of Debbie’s good palomino mare Lighthouse Bonnie. Both are world futurity nominated. For more information please visit 

Video available.

Clinics Highlights 2009

  • Light Hands Horsemanship May 29-31 Santa Ynez, CA

  • Eitan will be a clinician at Western States Horse Expo in Sacramento, CA June 12-14

  • Eitan will be in Punxsutawney, PA July 25/26

  • For more details and contacts on clinics visit

For more Cowboy Dressage at Wolf Creek Ranch updates and news please visit  and 



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