For Clinic Bookings please contact: Debbie Beth Halachmy at: or 530-346-2715


$1000 PER LECTURE DAY. (SEE “Optional Clinic Formats” below)


  • Round trip airline tickets (ticket purchase responsibility of clinic host.  Direct flights or one lay over preferred.
  • If there is to be no airfare gas and mileage will be charged
  • Hotel accommodations or guest quarters
  • Rental Car if needed
  • All meals or meal allowance
  • For cross country or all day flights Eitan likes to arrive two days before the clinic is to actually start so he can rest and get organized before the clinic starts. There is no charge for that day.
  • Airport parking and baggage costs must also be covered by clinic hosts.
  • All riders must sign a release of liability provided by Eitan or clinic host before they can ride in the clinic.


  • Wireless microphone and PA system
  • As an option a 45’-55’ round pen (if other horses are used besides Eitan’s)
  • CD player if Cowboy Dressage Performances are included.


We try to customize each clinic but this is how most of them are run.

Morning introduction is usually about 30 minutes with a 30 minute close at the end of each day for Q/A.

Not more than 6 horse/riders per day. Three before lunch and 3 after lunch. Each horse/rider will get 45-60 minutes of personal time with Eitan. Eitan ask that auditors refrain from questions during rider’s time and ask them at the end of the session.

Additional or Optional Format

Option #1
Eitan is working on a new “media” presentation that will allow him to teach in an actual class room type atmosphere. This will allow him to teach through use of film accompanied by lectures. The numbers who can attend are limitless, weather is not a concern and location can be any hotel, resort, school or facility with conference capabilities. This will allow him to share his knowledge with more people in one setting. It does not replace “live” clinics but is a great additional option. This is perfect for Equine Programs at Schools and Colleges. This also allows him to share his talents and knowledge at Conventions and Expos. He can do a one time lecture or a series of lectures.

Option #2
“Eitan and I have decided to offer this plan as an optional format for our clinics. We think this format will allow more riders to participate. It will also bring in more $$$ to support the clinic and its expenses.”

Six riders in a group lesson for 2 hours in the morning starting at 10am –Noon. There would be a 1 ½ hour break for lunch and a second group of 5 would go from 1:30-3:30. We would allow 30 minutes after the last session for q/a from both clinics. The day would end at 4pm.

Riders will still get individual time with Eitan.

Eitan will still need the round pen and wireless mic.

Eitan asks that the morning riders be tacked up and in the arena at 9:30 am. Afternoon session needs to be ready at 1:30pm.

Auditors are still welcome to ask questions at the end of each session but we kindly ask that they do not ask questions during rider’s times.

Riders can ride in as many sessions as they wish. You may want to group them according to experience or level of rider and horse. The less advanced should obviously go in the am session.

In this format Stallions must be in experienced hands and very well mannered.

We think this will give more riders a chance to participate and create more revenue for the clinic. They have a total of 4 opportunities to ride with Eitan. The improvement in the last session for each is remarkable.

The auditors can easily see the progress that has been made. Eitan’s philosophy, style and methods are continuous and “sink in” with the repetition.

If you have feed back just send it our way. These clinics are for you so we will do what is needed when possible.

The only draw back to this format is that it does not allow for horses that are not far enough along under saddle for group work. Or for horses that are not saddle broke but need r/p work. I guess it depends on your attendees.

Please let us know your choice and be sure to ask each rider to send a note to us telling a bit about themselves and what they wish to accomplish.

****As another example you can also do a group in the am and 3 private in the afternoon. Just mix and match to fit your rider’s needs. This has been a very popular format.

More Clinic Ideas

If Eitan brings his own horse to use during the clinic an evening presentation is an option. Eitan will ride to music and tell a few stories about himself and his horsemanship…..each full of wisdom and humor.

Each rider must have appropriate and safe riding shoes or boots. A helmet is an option but strongly encouraged for all riders.

You can charge what ever your want per horse/rider and have as many auditors as you like. We just take our daily fee.

Your clinic dates and contact information will be posted on our web-site

Santa Fe Renegade for Private Clinics

Some clinics are done without outside horses and Eitan uses his own horses. This makes for a great auditors clinic and is very entertaining and fascinating to watch. Much can be learned. Inspiration is the key…after watching Eitan on Santa Fe Renegade everyone is inspired, motivated and a little more knowledgeable.

Often clinics will have outside horses and Santa Fe Renegade. Such a format is not just a clinic but also an event!

There is no additional clinic charge to bring Santa Fe. But there will a shipping or hauling charge. The amount depends on the location of the event, mileage and layover etc.  Safe stallion stalls must be provided.

Santa Fe can be viewed on our web site,

Payments and Booking

A $800 deposit is required to secure date. Amount is refundable if Eitan cancels for any reason. Amount is not refundable if you cancel. Balance is due at time of clinic.

At this time Eitan’s clinics are booked about a year ahead of time. To secure desirable dates please book well ahead.


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