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We think a lot of our sponsors and their products. We use each product faithfully and believe in their benefits. It shows in our horses performances, attitudes, coats and overall health and condition.

By providing a fly free environment, the best feed possible, maintaining a healthy digestive system and using excellent coat products our horses can feel and look their best and give us that 100% needed when asked.

We would also like to acknowledge Sarah McCarthy, DVM and Grass Valley Equine for their outstanding professional care.

For more information visit Redmond Equine.

Husby Boots
Huseby Boots

Horses trained by Eitan... groomed by Equiscentials

Jumps West
Cowboy Dressage courts, cones and rails

Mission Bell Supplements are a proprietary blend of natural and organic herbs and minerals that, when combined with a good daily feeding program of grass hay (with thin stems and a sweet smell) and whole oats, could help promote the optimum health of the complete equine - mind and body - making it, quite possibly, the only supplement your horse will ever need. Beneficial in their own right, the harmony of each herb and mineral are combined to create a supplement to cleanse, detoxify, nourish and support every organ of the horse’s body by helping each to work correctly and to remain healthy - mind and body  – it’s as simple as that! Blended and packaged by hand, horses and their owners love this economical and easy-to-use one scoop powder. Use once daily, 5 days each week as a natural de-wormer and to help support: Healthy hooves, a glowing and healthy coat, healthy bones and joints, a healthy digestive and cardiovascular system, mental clarity and focus, optimum performance, cushings & laminitis issues and much more.



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