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Striving for Straightness
On the Cowboy Dressage Challenge Court

For the Cowboy Dressage rider both old and new riding a straight line can be challenging. The straight line is the first and last impression that we make before we salute the judge at the beginning and end of our test. Finding the midline and sticking to it is the key to making the right impression and getting that perfect 10.


In this short video we will explore how the Cowboy Dressage Challenge court can help both horse and rider to find their center. We use small circles to help the horse strengthen and supple one side at a time to become straight as he travels. The Challenge court provides several opportunities for riding straight lines and all of those lines are demonstrated by horse and rider as well as through helpful diagrams. We will discuss simple changes that can make a big difference to your success finding the line of travel on the court. So, saddle up and join us on the Challenge Court as we learn to travel the straight and narrow path!

DVD $25.00
Plus Shipping & Handling

DVD's and Book $70.00
Plus Shipping & Handling

The much anticipated Cowboy Dressage Book is now available!

9”X10”, 224 pages with beautiful pictures
Available Sept 15, 2015
Watch for Book Signings in your area
Published by Trafalgar Square Publishing


Riding, Training, and Competing by Jessica Black with Eitan & Debbie Beth-Halachmy

$29.95 plus shipping and handling.

The equestrian pursuit known as Cowboy Dressage was borne of a desire to meld the best of Western riding traditions and classical dressage in the pursuit of a harmonious relationship with a horse. Intended to be accessible to all, Cowboy Dressage is open to all breeds and all levels of riders; there isn’t a set frame for overall look, head carriage, or action. The singular goal is to consider the horse’s potential at all times as one strives to achieve a subtle and relaxed flow of information between horse and rider.

In this superbly written book, lifelong horsewoman Jessica Black traces the evolution of Cowboy Dressage back to its roots, sharing the story of Eitan and Debbie Beth-Halachmy and their phenomenal Morgan horses that have served as the movement’s ambassadors. She then provides an engaging and articulate explanation of the philosophy of Cowboy Dressage; expectations of the rider; what a participant needs in terms of equipment; and how the most important element—the horse—should be prepared. A wonderful and thorough section on groundwork, as well as specific training advice for achieving engagement, regulating the gaits, smoothing transitions, and balancing bend and straightness, get the reader started with a solid foundation. Then, specific descriptions of the Cowboy Dressage tests and “court”—the training area designated for practicing the tests—are provided, with additional tools for those interested in competition, including rules, divisions, and how to execute and judge tests.

Striding the line between utterly engaging story and well-organized how-to manual, Cowboy Dressage gives readers everything they need to find a “soft feel” with their horses and then share what they’ve developed with a community of like-minded horsepeople. As the founders of the movement say in the book, Cowboy Dressage is more about a way of life than a rulebook. And with that as its premise, one can see how it can show the way to true partnership with a horse.

Now Available!!!
Cowboy Dressage® Hand Book

Tests, Diagrams, Call Sheets, Terms & Definitions all at Your Fingertips

Published by MerrieNan Melodies Publishing
This complete Cowboy Dressage® Handbook will be a must for the Cowboy Dressage® enthusiasts.  All pages are laminated and diagrams are two to a page so that they can be easily seen. This book will allow for inserts to be added along with the growth of Cowboy Dressage®

Laminated Version
$120 + shipping and applicable sales tax for KS residents

Paper Version
$85 + shipping and applicable sales tax for KS residents
Allow 3 weeks for shipping.

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Now Available!!!
Cowboy Dressage World Caller’s Book

Call Sheets Only for All Cowboy Dressage Tests
Laminated Version Only

Introductory Price $45 plus $20 S/H $65 Total

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Especially for the Cowboy Dressage Rider and Competitor

Understanding the Cowboy Dressage Court
Simple and Rider Friendly

The Cowboy Dressage Horse is Defined by His Gaits Walk, Jog, Lope and become a Cowboy Dressage Rider

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Custom Cowboy Dressage Chinks

Comes with Embroidered Cowboy Dressage Logo. You chose buckle and concho sets, tooling and leather color.
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Alpaca Braided Reins

Splits and Loop Reins with leather slobber straps
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Cowboy Dressage DVDs with Eitan Beth-Halachmy
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Sawtooth Saddle Company

the Official Cowboy Dressage Saddle Maker.

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The "Eitan" saddle made by Sawtooth Saddle Company.

"The Bear" For Eitan by Sawtooth Saddle Company
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The "Eitan"
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The "Bear" Made by Sawtooth Saddle Company

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Eitan's new book
"Cowboy Dressage
Understanding Horsemanship
from the Inside Out
2nd edition is here!

Books by Robert M. Miller DVM

Custom Boots by Thad HusbyDebbie's boots

Debbie's New Boots

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