Sawtooth Saddle Company
The "Eitan"

"The Bear" For Eitan by Sawtooth Saddle Company

Once again Sawtooth Saddle Company has created a masterpiece. This is truly a work of art. Every detail is a labor of perfection and beauty. It fits and rides as well as it looks. Yes, those are real bear claws set in sterling silver!

If you are considering something "timeless" contact Sawtooth Saddle Company. This is a family run business and you will find them a delight to work with. You will love anything they create for you be it chinks to authentic old type saddles. They make them "new" too but new or old type they are all a work of art. They are not just breathtaking, they ride and fit like a horseman's saddle should.

"Once you own and ride one of these saddles you won't ride anything else. They will spoil you."

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