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Cowboy Dressage School of Horsemanship


Specializing in the art and refinement of the new COWBOY DRESSAGE® discipline.
You will be able to learn from the horseman who started it all.

Eitan and I have been very fortunate. Our lives have been enriched by good horses and good people. There was never a morning we did not rise from bed and look forward to our days work.

With semi-retirement ahead and the show arena behind us we now look forward to less competition and more teaching and sharing.

In Jan of 2008 we opened a "small school of horsemanship". To our delight it has been a great success. It will continue to be our goal to share our knowledge with others who wish to learn with Eitan on a more personal bases. We will once again offer 3-day courses during selected months with a bit more informal and low-key approach. The courses we offer will focus more on continued development of the well-started horse and riders with focus on refinement and lightness. Cowboy Dressage and the riding of the tests will be included.

When putting together the format for this learning experience we decided not to structure it but to let the “guests” tell us what their personal needs are and work on those. Because each person or horse may have different area’s that need to be worked on the students will get a wider and broader over all education while at the same time getting their own special attention. Our school is designed for the more experienced or advanced rider and we suggest that beginners get adequate instruction before attending our school. Each rider must have a good seat at all three gaits and must have a basic understanding of the “basic” principles of good horsemanship. A little dressage knowledge is a plus and is always helpful.

In the past we have offered our own horses for student use. For those of you who are not able to bring their own horse and wish to use one of ours please contact us before your register for availability. It is important for us to make sure we have a right horse that matches your riding ability. A video of your riding level may be requested to help assess a correct match.

A CDSOH Certificate will be given to each rider.

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