"A Sensory Master piece.  If you thrill to great music, wonderful scenery, and to beautiful horses performing majestically in response to a gifted horseman, buy this tape. You'll never tire of watching it."   ~Dr. Robert Miller DVM, author and horseman

"Open your eyes and feel through your heart and soul the harmony between horse and man......  this is the horse as it was meant to be.... Eitan raises the bar for those who truly want to be one with the horse."   ~Bob Ruxer, Ruxer Saddlebreds 

“The new video is beyond extraordinary! Your work has always been fabulous--highly creative, professional, captivating, exciting--all the words one wants to say.  But this one, Dances with Cows, should be at the Cannes Film Festival.  It is truly incredible.  Congratulations a million times over.  You have captured all the love, beauty, reverence and soul of not just a magnificent horse but of a magnificent bond between the horse and the man.  I love it!”    ~Kathy Cox, Kathy Cox Events & Equestrian Theater

Rudyard Kipling  once said: 
Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet...

With his wonderful video Dances With Cows, Eitan Beth-Halachmy managed to combine harmoniously Eastern Equestrian Traditions with Western Skills and Romance, thus bringing  East and West  together like no one before him.     ~Karl Mikolka

 This is one of Dr. Miller's favorite videos, not as a training aid, but for the extraordinary cinematography. Created by clinician Eitan Beth-Halachmy of the beautiful Wolf Creek Ranch, it is "eye candy" for any horse lover. From spotlight performances to working with cattle in Upton, Wyoming this video is a visual equine masterpiece.

I never got to hear or see Mozart play in person...but I have seen him > ride. (referring to Eitan)  - Shery j