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Greetings Eitan –

This is Kelli writing – I rode in the NY clinic last week.  I am writing to express my deepest thanks for your time and input at the clinic.  That weekend helped me a great deal.

My horses would both send Thank You notes too if they could.  (Actually, I think they’re both smart enough to figure out how to write the notes, I just don’t think they know how to get to the Post Office!)

I started using what I learned at the clinic with my older Morgan the very next day.  I don’t know how to describe the look on his face other than one of “gratitude.”  He is my special boy:  You know – one of those horses who stands out in your life. It’s amazing to me — All those years in dressage clinics trying to get him to soften, not pull on the bridle, and lift his back.  The clinicians had me do lateral work, transitions, work-work-work, etc. ad-naseum.  But no one ever pulled me aside and simply taught me how to not pull on him and supple him instead.  He ultimately ended up very unsound behind – I’m sure due to the “jammed” riding style I was using.   Last week a chiropractor got his back adjusted, but I was afraid to ride him and have him go off again.

Well, I rode him three days this week and he stayed light, supple and happy throughout.  Mostly walking, but yesterday we even cantered briefly each way.  The horse that previously never volunteered to lift his back at the canter did so willingly.  We took a long trot around part of a big field too.  In the past that always meant a pulling session, with him flying at a bone-jarring trot.  This time I just touched one rein at a time, low, asking for a little suppling each way when he started to speed up.  To my delight, he responded by dropping back to a relaxed, longer trot, sneezing contentedly.

And, the new lessons in patience will go a long way in helping both ME and my horses!  🙂

Many thanks to you and wishing you a successful movie career!!

p.s.  I love the Artistic approach to your video tapes – the scenery is incredible!!

Kelli Swan
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I wanted you to know that the third time was a charm for the Eitan videos. I’ve already watched them a couple of times and I am SOOOO impressed!  Definitely worth every penny!  I have a four year old Morgan mare that had a bad start on life before I got her—these videos are our “life-saver” Thanks Again and pass the word on to Eitan and Debbie. ~Sincerely, Kim Cox

Fabulous seller, will watch these videos over and over, thanks Eitan!
Intelligent, creative, informative videos, learned a lot!  Will buy more!
Four hooves up for Eitan and his beautiful Morgans!
A seller that goes the extra mile!  Hope Eitan plans to make more videos!
Eitan and his horses are extraordinary!  Thanks for the extra fast shipping!
Beautiful, breathtaking, inspiring performance!  Love this video! Thanks so much!
A++++++++++++++++++++++++videos, best on market!!!  Thank you!
Got videos today. Good service, thanks! Morgan stallion & Eitan are terrific!!
Super fast shipment, item arrived 2 days after payment!  Incredible videos!
Lovely quality videos – Fast and friendly service Thank you.
Item was better than described! excellent communication! Easy transaction Thanks
A+++ merchandise-fast shipping-friendly emails! Will definitely buy from again!

I use the martingale with great success.  The safety value is wonderful.  The weight of it seems to make a big difference.  Bought the lighter reins and with my stiff fingers they are just right.  I can ride for long periods without my hands getting stiff.

Head to tail.  I used this on a very stiff and strong mare.  After a few sessions it made a great difference in softness and over all managing her on the ground and under saddle.  This is a great tool.

I enjoy the tapes.  Each one is different entertaining and educational.  I watch them when I exercise in the morning, then head out to the barn with stuff fresh in my mind.  Thank you for this great resource.  ~Sydney

I sure like the limpet pad.  It worked well for little Zachary too (my brother’s son whom we stole for the summer).  He is a real & true beginner and is all over the place in a saddle as he rides.  He was forever listing to one side or the other because the saddle would slip.  So, I put the limpet under him….so at least now the saddle stays in place. Now it’s just the boy that is ‘slippage challenged’.  He is shown here on Jazz doing his Uncle Lynn imitation. Uncle Lynn is now the object of idol worship. It was good for Zach to get out of the city and feel the freedom that Eitan has expressed … ‘the cowboy is my freedom’.  This little boy-child can relate.  He blossomed, dressed like a young man, learned manners and some cowboy code finesse, swam in reservoirs where cows drink and left his gangland clothes behind.  I hope what he experienced remains intact somewhere inside and guides him.  ~Shery

“I really love the running martingale I purchased  … the leather is soft and pliable yet the weight of it is what I really like.  I also purchased your Buckaroo Snaffle Bit Reins and they are really great.  The reins are thick in your hands and round on the ends to go through the rings of the martingale.  I have good control over my horse and they don’t hang up.”  ~ Donna

“While visiting Wolf Creek Ranch, we purchased a few tack items. The product line they offer is of the highest quality and the leather items are especially nice – – – already oiled and supple. I really like the Limpet pad that lives up the claims.  8’s reins are the best…not too wide and just the right weight. Add some miles and sweat and they are perfect!  As with everything else…if 8 endorses it, it works – plain & simple. And, the prices are reasonable. I could get one of everything and be happy with each…and I just might do that !”  ~Shery

I come from an English training barn background, and with that bias, I didn’t think 8’s heavy duty running martingale was really the thing to use. BUT, I have to report that it’s weight and style does everything 8 said it would.  ~ Julie

I am really enjoying the Nettles stirrups!  I rode my Appaloosa every day, all day, for a week on the Apache Land Trail Ride in New Mexico in May, and I noticed that my knees and legs were less tired and cramped than they usually are after much less riding.  I think those stirrups make a big difference!  Thanks for another great, state of the art product!    ~Ann Rubenstein

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