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Pay Per View (PPV) Videos

Welcome to our Cowboy Dressage Pay Per View page. Please scroll down to see Eitan’s videos. We include the length and price of each video in the description below. “Poetry in Motion – Understanding the Horse From the Inside Out” There are videos and then there are videos and I have seen hundreds of them, …

Cowboy Dressage Books

Due to the high cost of shipping an additional shipping fee is required outside the US. However, there are shipping savings for Australia and UK/Europe.  Or you can order from us. To order from an Australian Distributor please contact this link: . To order from a UK Distributor please contact Lesley Deutsch at this …

FREE Educational and Entertaining Video Clips

“RIDE WITH YOUR HEART OPEN.” Santa Fe Renegade and Eitan – at the Cowboy Dressage Gathering from EITAN BETH HALACHMY. Educational and Entertainment Videos Below. Click on thumbnail to view each video.